Introduction to Shopify 07Feb, 2017

Shopify is a complete package of e-commerce solutions that allows users to sell and manage their products online. Major benefits of shopify in comparison to other CMS, that it is ready to use whereas in case of other CMS like wordpress/magento, we need to download and install them before using their services.

Here is the list of some key features offered by Shopify:

  • Manage products, pages, collection, blogs, posts
  • Manage orders and inventory
  • Manage Store Navigation
  • Manage media files
  • Discount for customers
  • Gift cards
  • Create reports
  • Support huge number of Payment Gateways
  • Traffic analysis report
  • Theme can be customized
  • Install apps from app store
  • Profile setting
  • Shipping setting
  • Set your primary domain
  • Customize your checkout page
  • Tax settings
  • Manage Order/Shipping/Customer Templates
  • Notifications
  • On-demand delivery to local customers at checkout
  • Providing APIs to get details about their services like products, order etc.
  • Webhooks can be used to create events for your products like, when new product or order created notification will be sent. It helps to get latest records.
  • Sales channels
  • Keyboard shortcuts to help the user to use Shopify more easily


All the above things are implemented into one package called Shopify. Everything is built with a simple UI.

One of the strongest features of Shopify is the security that comes along with it. Shopify is ‘Level 1 PCI DSS compliant’, which are the same protocols that are used by banks to secure your money. Moreover, Shopify offers free trial version of 14 days without requiring any credit card details.

Here is about how you can start your own website with shopify, just one simple step – Sign up with shopify. That’s it! And you are done with first store on shopify.

Next you can learn how we can use shopify store.

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