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Jolla Unveiled Sailfish Smartphone OS 10Dec, 2012

Jolla Unveiled Sailfish Smartphone OS

An introduction associated with Sailfish that portrays mobile phones has taken dunes within the sea, also it ends up Jolla’s not only focusing on mobile phones using its MeeGo-based Operating System, but televisions along with other gadgets, as well. Jolla has kept its OPERATING SYSTEM hidden until now, however it desires Sailfish to become a good open-source event which is constructed via local community participation as well as involvement. Jolla says Sailfish will be available for “multiple chip-set technology” and it is currently backed upon ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor systems. The entire uncover will be upon us soon immediately, until that take pleasure in the beneath nutshell. The very first thing you see may be the “Double-Tap to open” function that all…

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Few Things Your Phone Can Supplant 09Nov, 2012

Few Things Your Phone Can Supplant

Fast growth and development has spread the chains of competition and tied closely the use of Smartphones. Now a days, even manufacturers prompt to innovate or to come up with something that display unique features and meet the requirements of changing technology. Despite this, the multi-tasking Smartphone can still do a lot for you. At present Smartphones have established commonness and can be used as a mouse or a webcam for personal computers with its multiple outstanding apps simplifying the complexities of life. 1. Barcode and QR Readers – These are somewhat like bank accounts in which you can save your valuables. They are on the books and magazines, different products and websites. Code language is basically used when one…

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