How Technology Is Changing Cannabis Industry and What to Do About It

Author Image Sumeet Soni Nov 11, 2020
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The automation of cannabis farms has already begun. There has been a 26% reduction in overall labor costs that the farmers have had to bear up until now in the production of marijuana plants and flowers. Automatic operations require much less attention and very less time for any farmer to spend on site. Various aspects of technology are changing the way we see marijuana products and CBD infused items. Needless to mention, all the adaptors of automation in the field of marijuana farming are going to enjoy lower overheads and up to 42% savings on harvest and many other processes.

Technology Has Even Entered The Marijuana Delivery Sector

There are several delivery options and courier services that are now rapidly engaging with online cannabis marketplaces and have begun to deliver those products right at the doorstep of the consumer. If we talk about the legal cannabis states, this is happening at a rapidly increasing speed over there. Website and mobile app developers are already working on technology such as augmented reality cannabis delivery mobile apps that are helping educate consumers on the different types of cannabis products available to them and assist them in picking their favorite items as well. Weed transactions were very much prohibited across several states of the country. This was because there was little attention towards compliance regulations and standards among many other precautions that need to be taken to maintain the quality of marijuana products and ensure their safety and use by only eligible users (strictly NO underage users). But now the scene is changing drastically. We can see several online platforms selling marijuana products within the federal and state regulations and providing safe and door to door delivery to the people in need.

Addressing The Larger Supply Chain Issues

There are examples of legal marijuana marketplaces that have already launched several platforms to connect buyers and sellers of both wholesale and retail weed products. States like Oregon are taking the lead in this department. There are several online marketplaces and weed delivery apps that are already operating within several states to supply weed to the local industry (wholesalers and retailers). Further encouraging these platforms is going to enable both large scale and small scale cannabis industries to flourish, especially during the current economic scenario. This will ensure that supply chain issues are kept at a bare minimum. However, using such online platforms and marketplaces for a range of products that has been primarily a part of a cash-based industry is going to be difficult but still manageable. There are several point-of-sale solutions, safe and secure payment gateways, product management consoles, upsell and cross-sell features that are available with the leading cannabis app development companies in the market. These come with a promise to solve the majority of the problems that the traditional cannabis industry/manufacturers face at the moment.

Catching On With The Mobile Learning Trend

Apart from the ability to take their store to marijuana delivery apps and online marketplaces, the internet has presented a unique opportunity to the marijuana industry and manufacturers worldwide for training and educating their employees, staff members, contractors, retailers and all the related parties that form a part of the supply chain. When it comes to training your employees about the manufacturing processes of cannabis and related products, handling their quality and produce, packaging and storing flowers and buds to retain their recreational and medicinal value and especially regarding the legal compliance regulations and requirements of the cannabis industry, smartphones and tablets and other mobile devices have proven to be extremely valuable. There are multiple platforms that have come up recently that facilitate remote training of employees and contractors without any hassle. There are multiple advantages to such mobile learning platforms, especially during the time when most of the world is behind closed doors.

Significant Cost Savings

It has become very easy and fast and also extremely affordable to access great content on mobile devices. Attending a virtual classroom training program to understand how to handle and manage products while retaining their medicinal value has become very economical.

Easily Accessible

Various cannabis delivery apps and online marketplaces have come up with feature-rich portals that enable employees, trainees, contractors and all the workers involved in the weed business including the final consumers to educate themselves about the industry, the product uses, regulatory compliance and quality standards as well.

Higher Return On Investment

The amount of time and money you save by investing in such online platforms for the promotion, sale and distribution of weed products is monumental.

Final Thoughts

Right now at this very moment, digital resources particularly in the cannabis industry are very fragmented. Most cannabis businesses are not able to fully reach their potential and thus unable to reach a large section of their potential customers. But with several cannabis startups taking the lead by developing online platforms for the cannabis industry, this industry is expected to witness a revolution of sorts. Soon ordering of cannabis products and CBD infused items online for safe recreational and medicinal usage will become the new norm. This is the perfect example of an industry that is moving from its “painfully stringent” status to “legal and flexible” within a short span of time. To understand how you can leverage the power of technology for your cannabis business, talk with the digital technology experts at Zapbuild today.

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Sumeet Soni

Are you looking for a technology partner to turn your business idea into a successful solution? Get free consultation from top IT experts – write to us at or call us at +1 (779) 256-7779 or +91-80471-16600.

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