6 Ways To Optimally Utilize All The Features Of Your E-Learning Management Software

We have seen how the electronic way of imbibing education, learning and communicating with students and teachers has become advantageous in a very short amount of time. However, the teachers and students who will be using your LMS (learning management system) will probably not have the skill or knowledge to straightaway use all the learning tools and modules that you have provided them. Not all the features of your LMS are going to be useful, practical, easy to use, easy to understand and even functional in many cases. In order to enhance the usability of your online learning management system and optimally utilize all the existing features of the software, you will have to begin from the most basic of web and mobile app design and development principles.

LMS Software Functionalities

Importance Of Standardized Development

When it comes to creating a Learning Management System (LMS) software, standardized development can be ensured when there is uniform coding and seamless implementation. When you are looking for an e-learning software development company do not hesitate from inquiring about features such as accessibility, reusability, durability, maintainability, adaptability, and interoperability. The entire system along with the content of the application, data and all the processes must conform to established specifications and industry compliance standards. When you ask for the standardized development of your app, you are also asking for easy scalability across devices and operating systems.

User Authentication Simplifies Everything

When you are looking to optimize the features of your course management system or learning management software, both the users and evaluation experts or instructors should be authenticated to use the platform without any hurdles. Just like every instructor is allowed to become a user of the system, every student should be as well. For example, if there are any teacher’s grants or privileges special access to which is going to benefit the student, the application should facilitate that as well. Any courses being managed by any instructors using the platform should be available to every student who has access to the app. You may also choose to disable or limit the activities of a guest user for copyright and security reasons.

Learning Materials

The teachers should be allowed to organize lessons by subjects. All these lessons may be created as a resource. All your instructors using the platform should find it easy to create lesson objects within the application. Including links, images and videos should be easy for the teacher as well as the student. Make sure that your application uses most common file formats such as DOC and PDF for documents, XLS for excel sheets, PPT for powerpoint slides, JPG and PNG for images, and MP4 for videos to simplify uploading and processing of teaching material.

According to an independent study, 82% of LMS users find these formats to be easily usable.

Any user who is willing to upload any file should be allowed a choice to convert those documents to the aforementioned formats for easy uploads. Students should also be allowed to upload their own materials or examples that they have collected through their own case studies and research. This will give your LMS an edge over its competitors because nobody else would be open to students putting forth their own knowledge.

What About Assignments?

Any e-learning management software platform is incomplete without proper assignments. The students should be able to upload and submit their work both online and offline. This submission and acceptance of assignments can be a little difficult to grab for new learners. Therefore, a brief user self-training session and tutorial for the same is going to come in handy. The ability to submit several tasks and assignments both online and offline gives students and instructors the freedom to move on with the course at their desired speed.

Any student who wishes to write a paper or case study while staying connected to the platform should be able to do so with the help of default file formats and design templates which also should be readily available within the platform. According to an independent study, 70% of students who currently use LMS find that multiple-choice and essay type questions are more useful in checking their knowledge which is currently their preferred format of assignments.

Making Communication Easy

You should employ and incorporate known and easy to use e-tools for communication within your LMS. Modules such as online chat, email, forums for discussions, and constant online support have significant importance for more than 80% of the students using a cloud based learning management system. The module you use for student and instructor discussions should also have many features of the standard discussion forums so that they can easily place links to the case studies or works submitted by the students for comparison and unhindered assessment by third party experts as and when required.

Final Assessment Of Student Work

You can enhance the usability of your LMS further by employing different quantitative and qualitative testing techniques. Every administrator, teacher, and student should be able to express and exchange recommendations and expert opinions on the work submitted. The results should be displayed in a compact and coherent and very much user-friendly manner that is understandable by every user.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, education should get leverage from an overall enhanced user experience that is only possible through a feature-rich and robust LMS. If you want to create such a highly optimized e-learning management system that gives students and instructors equal freedom of usability and world-class user experience, Zapbuild is here.

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