5 Reasons You Should Invest in Custom Real Estate CRM Software

Managing customer relations, as well as potential leads, effectively is a significant aspect of any business. CRM applications enable real estate businesses to have fruitful interactions with their clients and prospects that ultimately convert leads into paying consumers. Managing customer relations manually can be very tedious and this is the primary reason why many firms invest in Real Estate CRM software programs.

Real Estate customer relationship management solutions aim to streamline your business processes by enhancing your relationships with your existing consumers and recognizing new possibilities and leads as well. It enables you to compile, store, and maintain customer details, lets you automate the sales function, facilitates consumer segmentation, campaign management, and more.

A realtor CRM with MLS integration is designed not only for large-scale businesses with vast databases of consumers, but it is also profitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Thus, it proves to be the best marketing platform and also functions as a great tool for maintaining customer relationships in the real estate industry.

Since 2017, the CRM software market has enabled the real estate industry to reach the mark of $36.5 billion worldwide in terms of revenues, reported Gartner.

Real Estate CRM Software

Real estate start-ups can now cut down their operational expenses by using the more affordable and widely available software. Any new real estate company that wants to expand its operations and reach would have to face various challenges such as how to organize, improve, and analyze workflow and hold onto their loyal consumers.

For instance, a real estate broker has a lot of responsibilities to take care of, such as:

  • Listing the properties featured in the portfolio of various real estate developers online
  • Managing online requests for every property-related inquiry
  • Managing open house day
  • Keeping track of all properties for sale
  • Attending calls of prospects and dealing with their queries
  • Maintaining pace with all the firm’s updates on the go
  • Providing the best possible services to potential clients in return for their investments

In such a situation, what everyone can benefit from is a custom real estate CRM software. The CRM software development company that you choose should give you some really strong reasons to pick them and invest in a mobile or web-based solution for your customer and lead management needs, such as:

Augment Customer Tracking And Client Communication

Features like payment modules, transaction verification and customer credit check, powerful databases, property search engines, executive dashboard systems, client access portals, and more let all the users stay informed and in touch with each other. All the parties to the system such as realtors, developers, and their representatives and potential customers and investors can get unhindered access to all the information that is going to impact the final purchase decision. Currently, there are 43.67% of CRM customers that reportedly use less than half of the features available with these apps. According to a report by the American National Sales Executives Association, more than 95% of deals get closed between the second and twelfth contacts. So communication with your leads becomes even more essential.

By reaching out more frequently to your customers and potential clients you will be making it easier and faster for them to close the deal and enhance your sales.

CRM Development For Every Business Type

Whether it is a small scale business or a large scale conglomerate, CRM can be modified and personalized for every scale and size. It is going to be suitable for both residential and commercial real estate developers because it can facilitate client-specific advertising and promotion. For example, the features that are going to attract a residential buyer are ample parking space, recreational facilities, security at the main gates, regular maintenance tasks carried out by the society secretary and also factors like proximity to amenities like hospitals, health clubs, airports and schools and the like. Similarly, a commercial client would prefer to have their property well connected to the settlements that have the facilities mentioned above. The USP to target them becomes different and so does the feature that is to be highlighted to attract the individual investor. A custom CRM does the job of presenting the right offerings to the right audience at the right time.

Cloud-Based Real Estate CRM

When you are looking for data sovereignty and global deployment, the right option for you is a cloud-based system that can be a much more affordable alternative to a software platform being managed on a physical server located at your premises. It offers more mobility and remote capabilities that assist all the agents on the go. Remote accessibility through cloud computing saves costs, lets you focus on your core business operations, and prevents you from spending unnecessary funds on establishing an in-house IT department just to handle the servers and manage the platform.

CRM = Customer Satisfaction

Real estate agents don’t have to deal with unsatisfied customers anymore. Pick a CRM development company that offers CRM solutions for the real estate industry with multichannel tools along with social media integration and third-party APIs that link them to maps and property listings. These are some powerful tools that enhance the overall user experience and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

Powerful Analytics Tool

Real estate firms will benefit a lot from integrated mobile and web-based systems due to their market-focus features. Its users can easily find out and manage information regarding any lead as well as property such the latest prices per square meter, commissions for both inside and outside brokers, sales forecasts, commissions to partners, upcoming projects by the same developer and the long term profitability of the project and much more.

Final Thoughts

All in all, a custom real estate CRM application is not just a tool to market and promote your offerings but also to keep your potential clients engaged and glued to you. It lets you improve your relations with them and boost your sales by keeping them interested in your real estate offerings. It is a way to provide them with impeccable after-sales services and also to keep them educated on the most lucrative and upcoming investment opportunities that would prove to be worth their while and money. But if you still find it all intimidating which is of course bound to happen considering you are new to this digital adoption, Zapbuild is here to help. We will simplify real estate web and mobile application solutions for you.

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(Chief Technology Officer at Zapbuild)

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