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Spread The Joy Of Living And Happiness: Happy Basant Panchmi 12Feb, 2016

Spread The Joy Of Living And Happiness: Happy Basant Panchmi

A sweet gentle breeze replacing the cold winds, there is new life evident in the woods and fields. Where nature decorates Mango trees with fresh blossoms and the wheat enliven with evidence of new life. Basant Panchmi the festival full of religious and seasonal sentiments. It’s the time when spring knocks our doors and we bid bye to cold wintery nights. We at Zapbuild celebrate this day with full enthusiasm. With the kite flying like every year Zapiens soaked in the hues of yellow celebrating Basant Panchmi. With a race to win the kite flying contest was in full swing. Filling the sky with beautiful colors, we all exchanged some lively moments together. It is the time that brings a…

Happy Republic Day 26Jan, 2016

Happy Republic Day

26th January is a proud day for every Indian. As it is the day when the constitution of India came into being. On this day everyone irrespective of their caste and creed comes together to celebrate the day with pride of being an Indian. We at Zapbuild celebrate Republic day in our own way by recalling and rejoicing the victory of our freedom fighters with songs, celebration, and a few thoughts about them. The office is filled with an air of patriotism with hues of orange, green and white sprawling all around. Every Zapien proudly celebrates this day in honor of the country with full entertainment, gratification and a proud feeling of being an Indian.

Lohri Celebration 2016 13Jan, 2016

Lohri Celebration 2016

Lohri the day to warm your hearts with celebration and togetherness. Lohri is mostly about lighting the bonfire in the biting cold and dancing and making merry around it. It is celebrated with utmost cheerfulness and grandeur. It marks the end of the cold winters that are colorless and depressing and welcomes the season of fruitfulness, spring and the New Year. Singing and dancing form an intrinsic part of the celebration, which is traditionally followed by everyone at Zapbuild. Like each year, this time, also Lohri celebration was in full spring, with songs and yummy treats like sesame, gajak, jaggery, peanuts, and popcorn. Since Lohri celebrates the onset of the harvest season in Punjab. People celebrate it to offer thanks…

Merry Christmas 05Jan, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! Once again, it’s that time of the year when our hearts are filled with joy and happiness as we are entering a New Year. Although work takes a heap of time still Zapiens can never be behind and continue the tradition of secret Santa. The entire office is decked up with lights and shining smiles of the people and lots of gifts. With the Christmas spirit and the gift sharing we believe we have chosen a novel means to celebrate Christmas. The final note is the time feeling of delight and happiness and the amazing moments that the entire Zapbuild family shared. pics @ our facebook fan page

Lighting Happiness 17Nov, 2015

Lighting Happiness

Fun, happiness, and get together are enjoyed by all. Zapiens love to spend time together and Diwali like all festivals was celebrated with much fervor. Dance, music, games, and company of good people made the event more amazing. Diyas, Rangoli, and beautiful decor had cast a festive spell in the entire office. We do everything grand and Diwali celebrations were even grander this time. Going cracker free this Diwali was what every Zapien pledged so we joined hands to illuminate this Diwali with love, happiness and laughter and not by burning crackers. Here we believe that celebrations provide a stronger connection between the everyone in the workplace and also it enhances the experience of all the employees.