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An Amazing Trip to Parkwoods, Shoghi 13May, 2018

An Amazing Trip to Parkwoods, Shoghi

Life is meant to be with good friends having great adventure. Zapiens recently enjoyed one of the best adventure trips to Parkwoods, Shoghi. It was two days of wonderful fun activities, a crazy bonfire night and above all, the happiness of being together amidst a beautiful backdrop. The warmth of the radiance of the Sun amalgamating with the coldness of the surroundings was nothing short of a heavenly experience. Staying in the tents amidst the quaint ambience of the nature gave us a perfect whiff of adventure. What amused each one of us the most was the fun activities, like – Burma Bridge, Parallel Ropes, Cat Walk, Commando Net, Tyre Web, Tree Bridge, Rope Ladder and so many other sports…

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Women’s Day Celebrations, 2018 08Mar, 2018

Women’s Day Celebrations, 2018

Women are the real architects of the society. They have been making life better in an exceptional way, with the little things, the not-so-little things, with their kindness and compassion. They are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world, we can draw tremendous of inspiration from. Things have never come easily to them. But today they rest on a pedestal high enough where they are being looked up to for the superpowers they proudly own the possession of. Every year, the 8th day of March came to be celebrated as the International Women’s Day to acknowledge their supreme capabilities. Even today, International Women’s Day is a public holiday in some countries and largely ignored elsewhere. In some places,…

The Bhangra fuelled celebrations 24Jan, 2018

The Bhangra fuelled celebrations

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from some very simple things in life. It lies in coming together for the little moments of joy and celebrating life as if each day is a festival of gaiety and comradeship. Zapiens have mastered the art of being happy and finding contentment in the easiest ways, like dancing. Dance is the soul of Zapbuild. Starting each day with some refreshing crazy dance moves has become a routine. Even then the soul remains unsatiated and it wants more of it. To have our dance cravings satisfied, Zapbuild welcomed Ranvir Rana from Jaskshan’s Dance Dacha, who, with his astounding moves, made us dance to our favourite Bhangra beats. The…

A Grand Welcome to 2018 30Dec, 2017

A Grand Welcome to 2018

Zapbuild had a great end to the year 2017 and a rocking beginning to 2018 because when it’s party time, Zapien’s love to party hard. There couldn’t have been a better way to welcome the new year than having a fun-filled evening with the Zapbuild family and making memories which will always be a timeless treasure of the heart. Each one of us felt the excitement building up. From finalizing the best outfits to buying the matching footwear, everybody wanted to ace the perfect look for the big evening. And when the much awaited day finally arrived, dressed in their best attires, exuding so much glamour and style, Zapiens gathered at Junkyard Lounge, Zirakpur. The celebrations began with the very…

Sizzling New Year Bash: Welcome 2017 02Jan, 2017

Sizzling New Year Bash: Welcome 2017

The year 2017 has already made its grand entry and we at Zapbuild, are on the verge of our enthusiasm celebrating it with all the gusto. Living up to our tradition of working hard and celebrate like a mad-man, a fabulous New Year bash was held on the 30th December. It was a magical event that took the fun quotient to another plane. The build-up in team spirit and camaraderie among the Zapiens was simply phenomenal. The passing year always leaves behind a unique flavor cooked up by the mixture of events that we experience during the time. This brings in us a nostalgic sense of completion. Our hearts are filled with a blend of emotions and a realisation of…

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CATS 26th Blood Donation Camp 30Sep, 2016

CATS 26th Blood Donation Camp

Mahatma Gandhi always believed in the strength of youth and their catalytic role in social transformation. What if the difference was that between life and death, the only thing standing in the way is a few units of your blood? The magnitude of service returned to the society by donating blood is paramount, and who else can carry out such a massive deed other than the youth of India! Needless to say, a bunch of zap-energetic staff from Zapbuild Technologies were amongst the ones who actively participated in the 26th Blood donation camp held by CATS, another organisation of like-minded samaritans who felt the need to make its mark in the society through its selfless deeds. The morning of Friday,…