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Zap of Enthusiasm To Build Proto-Happiness 07Jul, 2016

Zap of Enthusiasm To Build Proto-Happiness

The meaning of Office has been changed by Zapbuild to fun and work, following ‘Work is Worship’ mantra with the touch of enjoyment. It’s a box filled with surprises from exciting morning activities to monthly meets. Yet another much awaited monthly meet came to meet us creating new memories in pictures and our hearts.
We Zapiens are born IT magicians creating a culture of work hard and play hard to make mind fresh and mastered the skill of extracting maximum from the governing body of the human ‘brain’ , which needs much attention and care by a visit to wonderland to freshened up to work efficiently. Zapiens also feel proud by making others envy of our traditions and amusement.


Co-worker is a common word in the corporate world but we are a family who work on culture of grand celebrations. Unbuttoning up the child in the heart we started the event with our personal doctor, Dr. Gulati aka Sajal inspired from The Kapil Sharma show.


Doctor that treated us all with best medicine, laughter, accompanied by two beautiful hosts Sandeep Kaur and Vani Vig flexing creativity collectively.


Let’s take you on ride to land of Zapbuild unrevealing the rocket of entertainment with video played leading to memory lane of the times spent together sharing smiles. Nostalgia made everyone emotional which was kicked out by the craziness of Dr. Gulati with his unique style making everyone’s belly ache from laughing so hard. Continuing with dividing teams into 4 and unlocking the window to childhood with games, starting with ‘Pick the Pen’ which seemed easy but a tricky game with background music of hooting and shouts of encouragement. All together started their activities of fun in a mannered way and following all instructions.

Injecting more amusing moments like dance performance by our young new member of the family Seema Sharma, leaving everyone awestruck with her hidden talent.


Getting away from desks and joining arena of gaiety, hosts gushing out more astounding and crazy activities out of the pipe, calling upon stage few members one by one and handing them a dialogue from a movie to act in opposite emotion, making dramatic dialogue act in humorous way and so on. Creating a stage of madness and making everyone roll on the floor laughing.
Testing the general knowledge of techies, quiz which was held which was out of syllabus for them, taking questions from movies to company’s tag lines. Refreshing general information of the players and making their horses in brain run a race while clock ticked fast to provide with an answer in few seconds. Spectator team members sat biting their nails, cheering loud on the sight in front of them for their team and pumping optimism in them to give their best.
After fun packed quiz with gorgeous hosts and doctor’s insane way making quiz much more enjoyable, was continued with some chuckling over acting done by few members.

Extending the wonderful time with testing the strength of the players by introducing a strong muscle game. ‘4 Chair Trick’ encouraged and packed energy in the players. Team work resulted in unity in strength and stronger bonding to push each other further towards the finish line, staying in air with each other’s support longer. Not to forget the motivational shouts and cheers loud and clear.
Shweta Arora glorified the evening with her Shayari making everyone cheer and applause.


A party without cake is just meeting, how we can wind up without making celebration chocolaty. Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with cutting a cake and sharing yumminess of spongy happiness and lip smacking delicious food. With that we wrapped up our full of joy day.
We will be back with our diary of ribs tickling memories soon, till then stay tuned.


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