About Project

As an artificially intelligent chatbot, Wemaki works to vitalize a business' presence on social media. Wemaki is user-friendly . Businesses just have to text Wemaki a task, such as a post to one of their social media platforms, and it does it for them. Tracking the ads have become a whole lot simpler with this new artificially intelligent business sidekick. Ask Wemaki how many people have clicked on a certain Facebook ad, or which products are most popular. Wemaki responds automatically with a full report that informs businesses which items they need to restock or which ads are getting the most clicks. Wemaki isn’t just any bot: Wemaki makes suggestions for posts based on target audience.

Project Details

Technologies:  MySQL, Python 3.4, Flask, Angular2

Verticals:  Marketing, Chatbot, Media


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