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Client Introduction

DOT Compliance Group LLC is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) serving the commercial motor vehicle and trucking industry with services that help DERs and Owner-Operators maintain DOT compliance. DOT Compliance Group currently caters to shippers from all corners of the USA for DOT compliance and online training.


Main Challenges

DOT Compliance Group provides truck-Owners and Drivers with an online platform to monitor, manage and provide them consultancy for various Compliance services like

  • redcheck Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • redcheck Online Training for Supervisors, Drug and Alcohol, Hazmat and others
  • redcheck Consultancy to Truck Owners and Owner Drivers regarding BOM, UCR, DOT Registration, Hazmat Registration and other FMCSA regulations

Back in 2015, when DOT Compliance Group started talking to Zapbuild for the consultancy, Zapbuild observed the challenges in Business Processes, Revenue and Profit Loss and the technology infrastructure in the company’s current setup, such as:

Stagnant Growth because of High Cost In-house Consultancy team : DCG employed a team of more than 100 in-house consultants for on-call consultancy/sales and customer interaction. Although a necessity, this set up incurred high costs because of the W2 and 1099 contracts, 401K insurance and other fixed and overhead office expenses. In result, both RoI and lead conversion rate were low.

Increasing Customer Drop ratio because of obsolete Content : The training and website content lacked modern touch and was not interactive or convincing enough to retain the customers.


Minimal Lead Generation due to weak Online Presence : Despite having worked for years with thousands of customers, DCG did not command a strong digital presence or brand value in the industry. This resulted in lower lead generation and customer retention. The in-house team had no brand or marketing strategy to address the problem.

Revenue Loss because of Inefficient Technology Infrastructure : With over 7,00,000 records, back in 2015, the legacy system and the server infrastructure of DCG was not able to handle the daily load of searches and random screening selection of drivers. The frequent load resulted in system and database crashes which caused frequent unavailability of application and business loss. It was becoming increasingly difficult to incorporate innovation and thus, scaling the system and business was a big concern. Adding to the problem was the ever-increasing in-house cost of software development and maintenance.

Inefficient Business Processes : Almost Zero automation of business processes was resulting in inefficiency and delays. Lack of any Data Collection and Analysis was making it difficult to make right business decisions.

Zapbuild’s Solutions

The team at Zapbuild worked closely with Dot Compliance Group to provide custom, tailor made solutions for every challenge enlisted above

Certified Trained Sales Agent

With over 8 years of experience working with the DOT Compliance businesses, Zapbuild was the best choice for DCG to get the trained agents for their inside sales. Our dedicated team of FMCSA trained sales agents helped them reduce their operational costs in fixed salaries and commissions, and significantly improved their customer acquisition. A major increase in revenue as well as in profits of DCG was witnessed!



Zapbuild’s competitive offshore team helped DOT compliance group in upgrading and scaling the server infrastructure and the legacy system. We also suggested and implemented changes to the core architecture to make it easier for scaling and future addition of the new functionality.

With dedicated experienced team members in programming, system analysis, IT and Testing, it is now super easy for DCG to develop and deploy new features in real time without any significant/noticeable downtime.

Online Presence and Branding

The aggressive marketing plan strategized and implemented by Zapbuild resulted in stronger Brand Identity and better Online presence. Relative and Targeted marketing campaigns with better data analysis still continue. We also worked closely with the Customer Support team to provide better after-sales support for Customer retention and understanding customers’ pain points.


Modern Video Training Content

The video production and content team worked hand in hand with the Business Analysis team to study the FMCSA guidelines and regulations and re-developed all the video training material of DCG. THe modern and interactive videos have helped DCG in better customer retention and increased referrals.

The Advantages

The offshore model proved extremely successful for DOT Compliance Group and it has been more than 6 years that Zapbuild are associated with DOT Compliance group as the Consultancy, Manpower and Technology Partner accruing following benefits

Increased Profit Margin because of Low Cost : There was a huge surge in savings for DCG, YoY, because of the low cost on the manpower. For the Telesales team, Zapbuild ensured that we do not charge our customers until our agents make a sale. With Absolutely No Fixed cost, DCG was able to increase its Profit Margin by more than 2X, YoY, every year for the last 6 years sans any hassles of Employee Contracts like W2, 1099 and huge savings on 401.

Better Customer Acquisition and Revenue Growth with Certified Agents : Having a team of FMCSA and DOT trained sales agents had a huge impact on the Sales Conversion ratio. With better understanding of FMCSA regulations and guidelines, the sales agents were able to provide better consultancy and service to the customers, sell only the relevant services and cross sell the services needed by the customers.

Increased Customer referrals: Referrals increased because the existing customers find the training interesting, interactive and easier to understand.


Dedicated Team : Zapbuild provided DOT Compliance Group with a team of dedicated team members including Telesales Agents, Programming resources, Business analysts, Software Architects, Digital Marketing teams, Server infrastructure Content/Video Production and Testing, all under the same roof. The team members work as an extension to the onsite team and are involved in important Business decisions and stakeholder meetings that also improves their chance to understand and build a better streamlined system and align with customers’ requirements and their users’ needs.

Flexible Timings and Scalable Teams : Despite vast geographical and time zone differences, this offshore model succeeded because of flexible timings and absolute commitment. Zapbuild provided DOT Compliance Group with the flexibility to temporarily upscale the team members during peak months and load time. With a team of more than 110 people, DOT compliance group could easily demand additional resources whenever needed and had the flexibility of downscaling again with a prior notice.

Client Testimonial

Let's hear from the client on what he has to say about working with Zapbuild and his decision to move from an in-house team to an offshore model.

The Result

Zapbuild have helped DCG to grow its yearly revenue from USD 180,000 to USD 22.7 million in the last 7 years. We even scaled our services to meet the increasing demand of DCG’s business even during the time of Pandemic.
Zapbuild continues to be the technology partner of DCG contributing incessantly to sustain the continuous business growth, revenue growth, increased savings and a scalable offshore operational model.

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Client PR

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