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Is software quality the utmost priority to you?

World business market is becoming crazily competitive. It has become essential that we deliver very effective and quality products/services to our clients. Quality and a bug free software product is the most critical requirement posed by all big and small software clients.

There is a common fallacy that Quality is just about testing the Software. In actual testing is a full-fledged process that involves Quality control, Testing, Verification and Validation of the software. Thus it needs to be tested for functional and non-functional requirement.

The term QA is a proactive series of tasks at various stages of software life cycle that helps in enforcing quality standards to improve the processes that are used in producing a computer program/application/product. It reflects the level of customer satisfaction. As a customer if we say “oh I like it”, that is because it is a high quality product.

Any lack in delivering quality can put huge money stakes in loss and lives in danger. In today’s scenario we just cannot leave a product without testing.

Now you can relate and understand the huge after effects of bad or no testing at all. The aim is to ensure that the quality targets are met and any potential issues are addressed as early as possible. If we fail to resolve these issues they become difficult and expensive to deal with.

Today we emphasize on catching defects before they get into the final product.

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At Zapbuild we plan to ensure that a product works as it was intended to do and it looks as it was intended to look. Encompassing quality characteristics:

We give you assured-

Minimal defects - There should be Zero Critical defects, as few Medium defects as possible, and an acceptable level of Minor/Trivial defects and that level should already have been defined in the documentation at the start of a project.

User Experience - The software should be used by the specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use.

Brand - A brand promise should be expressed in a way it leaves a positive impact.

Timely Delivery - The project should be delivered within the defined time frame and the budget.

Advert for the Company - A product should reflect such characteristics that encourage potential clients to bring their business to the company.

We want our clients to be on the competitive edge and maintain their trusted reputation. Our goal is to give you the most reliable and trustworthy product.

We don't just make softwares, we make quality softwares.