4 Signs It’s High Time You Got An ERP Software For Your Business 12Jun, 2018

You feel good when you see that the scope and scale of your business operations are expanding. But along with this prosperity and profits what comes is complexity. With your operations and information dispersed across various channels and sources, you need a more unified approach to managing your business. And this is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), an essential business process management software, steps in. It is a system of integrated applications that allows your organization to automate many back office functions related to services, human resources, and technology. It centralizes all aspects of your business – all your functions and operations are managed within a single software system.

ERP software enhances your functionality and is basically designed to automate the various areas of your business and improve information flow between everyone within your company. Chances are that your company is in dire need of ERP software as well. If you haven’t been able to gauge this need yet, read on to recognize the most obvious signs:

Financial Matters Become Increasingly Time-Consuming and Complicated

You are trying to grow your business and you see yourself succeeding as well but with that you also notice that the number of transactions has increased tremendously. Your operations have widened and made your business capable of expanding further both its presence and divisions. This necessitates quicker and more accurate methods of financial record keeping. This is the time when you should start taking bookkeeping and accounting very seriously and consider the benefits of ERP software development for the purpose.

By having a fully integrated ERP system in place you will find that life has never been easier. Your financial management personnel are going to thank you because now they will be able to automatically draw necessary information and compile it without any additional data entry. All the inflows and outflows across all your departments and divisions will be managed in a highly concise manner. All your financial managers will have to do is produce reports because they will have all the required information with them already.

Your Sales and Customer Experience Have Taken A Hit In The Gut

One of your biggest challenges that loom over your head while you try to expand and grow your business is sales and inventory management. If you don’t take the necessary steps to ensure that the right amount of goods is present in the right location and at the right time, you won’t be able to realize your sales targets.

Your sales functions, inventory management and customer data are linked together. They need to be maintained in a unified setup rather than separately or it may create problems across your organization. If we want to understand this in simpler words, we can put it this way; if your store runs out of a product that is very popular; your sales will decline and will remain that way until the next shipment arrives.

Meanwhile, if you don’t keep proper track of the shipment and its tentative delivery date, you won’t be able to answer any of your customer enquiry calls about their order. This will reflect badly on your reputation and that means your customers will start to lose faith in you and your brand.

But things change with a reliable SAAS and CRM software development by your side. They will come up with a system with the help of which your staff in every division and department will gain access to identical and frequently updated information. Your customer service executives will be able to answer all queries efficiently about orders and shipping status, payment methods available and their status, and various service issues, etc. without any delays. Your loyal customers will be able to go online and simply view status information on their accounts while your warehouse manager will be able to see if your stock needs replenishment and can reorder on time.

Limited Or Not Access To Information About Your Own Business

Do you know what your annual sales targets were for this year? How far along are you in your way to achieving them? What if someone asked you about your profit margins? How long do you think you’ll take to find out that piece of information? Other critical data like the your key performance metrics, and the volume of orders that you take every month or week or maybe total sales till date; are you aware of any of them or maybe at least know the fastest way to retrieve any of it?

If you are still thinking, you need to find a trustworthy and reputed ERP software development company. They can take you out of the rut that excel spreadsheets tend to put you in. No more updating and spending hours online to constantly reconcile them manually. You can give access to important information to your employees across your organization and that will only require an ERP solution in place. All your executives will benefit largely from a more holistic view of your business operations at any given time. This is valuable information that they would always need to do their jobs efficiently.

More Software Than You Need?

If you consider the ways and methods how your employees record, track and process your company information, can you imagine them doing it without a particular suite or set of software tools that you’ve been using for decades now? You definitely need a good and robust ERP system in place when you see that the various front and backend systems in your company are running separately. This practice when let run amok can and will wreak havoc on each one of your processes. So instead of ensuring that your company runs smoothly you will be hampering its success.

When you partner with a well known CRM software development company or an ERP software expert, they will make sure to integrate these systems so that all your business functions make use of a single database. You will have a singular and a reliable source of information that will contain frequently updated, accurate, and real-time data. Say goodbye to information logjams and help your staff make better decisions faster.


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