DOT Compliance Group LLC is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) serving the trucking industry with services that help DERs and Owner-Operators maintain DOT compliance. DOT Compliance Group currently caters to truckers from all corners of the USA with more than 2.2 million database records, for DOT compliance and online training.


The Challenge

DOT Compliance Group provides truck-Owners and Drivers with an online platform to monitor and manage their Drug and Alcohol Compliance and also provide them with Online training for DOT Supervisors.

With over 7,00,000 records, back in 2013, the legacy system and the server infrastructure was not able to handle the daily load of searches and random screening selection of drivers. The frequent load resulted in system and database crashes which in turn caused occurrences unavailability of application and business loss.

Furthermore, the addition of new features to the system were getting increasingly difficult to incorporate and thus, scaling the system and business was a big concern. Another major concern was increasing the cost of software development and maintenance, which was huge as all the development was being done in-house.

The Solution

The DOT Compliance group found Zapbuild and after initial screening and a smaller project, decided to outsource all the technology and infrastructure development to Zapbuild's India office, in Mohali.

Zapbuild's competitive offshore team helped DOT compliance group in not only upgrading and scaling the server infrastructure and the legacy system, it also suggested and implemented various changes to the core architecture which made it easier for scaling and future addition of the new functionality.

With dedicated experienced team members in programming, system analysis, IT and Testing, it becomes really easy to develop and deploy the new features in real time using Continuous Integration and Deployment without any significant/noticeable downtime.


The offshore model proved extremely successful for DOT Compliance Group and it has been 4 years that Zapbuild is associated with DOT Compliance group as the Technology Partner. A few of the advantages that DOT Compliance Group got working with Zapbuild are:

Dedicated Team

Zapbuild provided DOT Compliance Group with a team of dedicated team members including programming resources, system analysts and architects, server infrastructure and Testing, all under the same roof. The team members work as an extension to the onsite team and are involved in important Business decisions and stakeholder meetings that also improves their chance to understand and build better and more streamlined system, that aligns with the customers' requirements and their users' needs.

Scalable Team

With additional projects and tasks, Zapbuild provided DOT Compliance group with the flexibility to temporary Upscale the team members during peak months and load time. With a team of more than 110 people, DOT compliance group could easily demand additional resources whenever needed and had the flexibility of downscaling again with a prior notice.

Flexible Timings

In spite of the vast geographical and time zone differences, one of the main reasons for the success of the offshore model has been the flexible timings and availability of Zapbuild team in US time zone, whenever required. Some members were available to overlap the time between US and Indian team to share and transfer knowledge between the two teams which meant that effectively the work was going on for 24 hours in a day for DOT Compliance group.

Technology Stack

With Zapbuild's expertise in various open source technologies and dedication and understanding to work on legacy systems made this model a success.

Low Cost

Benefit of reduced offshore costs meant more resources working at the same time, resulting in faster turnaround and bigger accomplishments in lesser time.

The Results

DOT Compliance group currently serves more than 2.2 Million user requests for searches and random screening for DOT compliance. With a team of around 70 account managers, onsite in USA, DOT compliance group has been able to grow the business revenue in 2018 to USD 7.6 million from USD 110 thousand, in 2014.

With Zapbuild as the technology partner, DOT compliance group has been able to sustain the continuous business growth and scaling of the system and infrastructure, with lesser downtime in the application and continuous increase to the user base.

Full Introduction

Let's hear from the client on what he has to say about working with Zapbuild and his decision to move from an in-house team to an offshore model.