Custom Learning Management System Development (LMS Solution)

Future-ready Online Learning Management Solutions (LMS)

Imparting education and managing training online has come a long way with managing an administration, tracking, reporting, documentation, and delivery of scholastic courses, programs for training or development, and other learning programs. And this concept of e-learning is delivered and managed seamlessly through a web-based or mobile application based Learning Management System (LMS). It helps in identifying the learning and training gaps and uses that for analyzing and reporting of data.

E-learning software can collect information on the learners and provide them personalized course material and courses for training, while at the same time providing great insights on the learners’ progress and performance to their teachers or instructors. They use data analytics to recover and improve more suggestions and adjust as per the students’ or employees' performance. The goal is to enhance student or employee knowledge and performance by delivering training in a way that is tailored specifically toward them, at the same time allowing the teacher or instructor to keep full control over the course material. As technology evolves and education becomes future-ready, the future of LMS will become more than a helpful administrative tool. The online learning management system of the future, whether it’s delivered as an e-learning website platform or mobile app, will be a hands-on all-access tool for education and training.

Future-ready Online Learning Management Solutions (LMS)

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Industry-specific Training and LMS Software Solutions

With a learning and training management system custom developed by Zapbuild, you can arrange new hire orientations, manage process and product knowledge training, job-specific skill training, training for sales and customer support, educating channel partners and vendors, compliance training, and more. Zapbuild, LMS development company, provides custom-developed systems to a wide variety of industries:



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Types of LMS

  • Cloud based Learning  Management System

    Cloud based Learning Management System

    Cloud-based learning management systems are expanding the market of global e-learning with support to newer innovations like VR and AR. Cloud-based standalone LMS meets the demands of a modern e-learning environment, is cost-efficient, easy and quick to deploy, and has enhanced security features. A cloud based LMS solution can automate your complete training program, including the delivery of the courses, completion of courses, registration, and assignments. With easy access and user-focused, an open source LMS software simplifies learning by ensuring learners have quick access to training resources from anywhere, whenever they need it.

  • Cloud-based Multi-tenant SaaS Learning Management System

    Cloud-based Multi-tenant SaaS Learning Management System

    SaaS or Software as a Service is a cloud-based subscription model. Using a multi-tenant SaaS LMS, you can serve multiple clients with a single instance of LMS software installation. With a SaaS based platform, companies or educational institutions do not need to invest as much money or manpower to manage the technical aspects of maintaining the LMS software - they can invest their efforts in managing their course material or training programs. SaaS-based learning management systems reach out to a globally detached audience; these systems also offer great flexibility regarding the features provided and one can choose additional features that fit into their corporate training goals.

  • Self-Hosted Learning Management System

    Self-Hosted Learning Management System

    Self-hosted LMS has many benefits because they are hosted right on your company’s server instead of relying on a third-party cloud-based server. Although all custom learning management systems offer a great level of data security, a self-hosted online training system permits you to apply your own security processes. Your self-hosted LMS can be fully integrated with your company’s current software systems. It also gives the power to select how much data you can store and where you want to store it, instead of following the limitations of remote servers. If you already have an in-house web server, a self-hosted LMS platform will help you take control of the budget of corporate training programs.

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