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Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD)

CI/CD serves as a fundamental force propelling digital transformation within enterprises. You can substantially shorten time-to-market by automating the delivery processes of new software versions and services, from conception to deployment, fostering unparalleled operational agility and efficiency.


Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as Code empowers DevOps teams to conduct early-stage application testing in a production-like environment. This proactive approach helps you prevent common deployment issues, ensuring faster, scalable, and higher-quality application delivery.



Containerization, as a contemporary application architecture approach, will help you implement frequent and rapid software changes while effortlessly scaling updates based on your needs. Experience enhanced resource efficiency, superior scalability, and stability of your software systems, all while optimizing costs and upholding top-tier information security.


Continuous Monitoring

Gain continuous insights into the health of your software infrastructure while ensuring the security, transparency, and visibility of your IT and network operations. Our DevOps services empower you to monitor crucial metrics proactively, enabling timely identification and resolution of performance and security concerns before they affect production.


Cloud Management

Our expert cloud management services are designed to integrate your IT infrastructure with the cloud seamlessly. Experience unparalleled performance, flexibility, and impeccable security, all while ensuring predictable spending. By optimizing your infrastructure costs, you can redirect valuable in-house resources toward critical processes and tasks, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.


DevOps Automation

Implementing automation in your enterprise application development environment empowers you to minimize human intervention across processes and tasks, spanning testing, delivery, and deployment phases. Through DevOps automation, you can establish seamless continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows. This approach enables faster deployment of updates, drastically reducing the time to value and enhancing overall efficiency.


Exemplary Support and Training

Benefit from our extensive software development expertise and proven track record in project delivery. Our DevOps specialists provide comprehensive support and training, empowering your teams to excel. We guide you in adopting industry best practices, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to proficiently monitor, maintain, and scale your development infrastructure.

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We are the trusted technology partner for many T&L business, for building their Transportation Management System
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“Zapbuild isn't just a service provider; they are my strongest strategic partner. If you're seeking a reliable ally to exceed your expectations, I wholeheartedly recommend Zapbuild. Their solutions and unwavering support have transformed my business, and they can do the same for you.”
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Cloud Service Models We Work With

We work with the following cloud provisioning models to accommodate even the most unique enterprise infrastructure technology needs in the cloud

Imagine having the essential computing components at your fingertips without the hassle of hardware management. With our IaaS service, you can access virtualized resources—servers, storage, and networking—following a convenient pay-as-you-go model. Forget about the complexities of hardware maintenance; we've got it covered. Direct your attention to what truly matters: your applications. IaaS allows you to focus on developing and running your software while we care for the underlying infrastructure. It's a seamless, scalable solution designed to empower your digital journey without the burden of hardware concerns.

Unlock a streamlined development experience with our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Dive into a comprehensive platform where every aspect of developing, testing, and deploying applications is seamlessly integrated. Your focus can now be entirely on coding and deploying exceptional software. We handle the platform and its maintenance, ensuring that you have the tools and environment you need without the hassle. With PaaS, the development journey becomes smoother and more efficient, allowing you to bring your innovative ideas to life without being bogged down by infrastructure complexities.

Elevate your software experience with our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, where convenience takes center stage. With SaaS, access applications directly from your browser, eliminating concerns about installations or maintenance. Whether it's project management, collaboration tools, or customer relationship management, we have your needs covered. Embrace scalability as you pay only for the features you use, making it a cost-effective solution. SaaS simplifies your digital experience, providing a user-friendly, accessible platform that lets you focus on your work without worrying about software difficulties.

Experience the ease of managing databases with our Database-as-a-Service (DaaS). With DaaS, your focus can shift towards efficiently utilizing your data. Enjoy reliable and secure data storage and retrieval, knowing that the hassles of database management are off your plate. Extract valuable insights from your information without the headache of dealing with complicated database tasks. Our DaaS solution is designed to streamline the entire database process, allowing you to maximize your data resources without the burden of managing the backend intricacies.

How DevOps Will Help You

Discover how we will empower your growth and success through our DevOps services
Maximize Your Business Performance While Minimizing Costs
Whether your focus is on cost optimization or performance enhancement, we tailor a strategic approach to meet your objectives. With responsive scaling and cost-effective support, we facilitate swift changes and frequent updates, reducing your product or service’s Time to Value, lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and boosting your working environment.
Improve SDLC Efficiency with End-to-End DevOps Solutions
Our comprehensive DevOps solutions are customized to optimize your complete software development lifecycle, encompassing infrastructure configuration and support. Effectively manage resources, expedite development goals, and enhance efficiency, all while reducing costs and time-to-market.
Optimize Operations and Ensure Seamless Scalability
Our DevOps consulting services are tailored to match the unique complexity of your project. Our team enables operational automation and scale processes, allowing you to flexibly adjust your infrastructure and resources as needed. You get a strong, sustainable disaster recovery strategy, ensuring the protection of your operational resilience and agility.
Ensure the Security of Your Data
Our DevOps consulting services ensure the security and stability of your infrastructure by implementing centralized monitoring, logging, and proactive alerts. With real-time tracking of resources and processes, your IT ecosystem operates seamlessly. Our data and security specialists enhance your systems' resilience cybersecurity and data strategy services, providing an extra layer of.
Facilitate Agility and Faster Go-to-Market
Our specialized DevOps services optimize your internal resources while harnessing the advantages of cloud technology. We automate your deployment cycles for seamless collaboration, continuous improvement, agile delivery, streamlined data flow, simplified documentation, and enhanced quality control.
Elevate the Quality of Your Service
Zapbuild’s DevOps experts assist in automating essential processes and tasks crucial for delivering top-notch customer service. We help in establishing and maintaining a robust infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted service without downtime.

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