Sharing Goodness

Sharing Goodness

Each day we should try to bring goodness to the world by doing little acts of charity. A hug, a kind word, spending time, exhibiting a little kindness and being friendly is all that matters.

Spreading Smiles

Sometimes a simple smile can put a warm feeling in someone else's heart and make their day better. We believe giving back is important to us as a better world begins with best practices.

Changing Lives

It is something we are trying to foster as we focus on using our resources for the betterment of the society so that it positively affects our communities.
The Relief Convoys

The Relief Convoys

Just like the realities natural disasters have changed the world we live in. These calamities adversely affect the people, their lives, and the entire nation is shaken. This is the time when affected cities are looking for support and pillars to help build all that is lost in the disaster. Nepal faced the aftermath of a massive earthquake that destroyed all and left the country and its people terrified. The tragedy hit hard to homes and, more importantly, the lives of many.

We in association with Can&Will (Social Partners) and (Media Partners) started a relief camp in the Tri-City. This was a small initiative to provide help in the hardest hit areas of Nepal. While they were struggling with basic amenities, our relief convoys made it on time to provide the maximum aid.

Blood the elixir of life

All donations made towards charity are valuable, but nothing is comparable to donating human blood. Blood donation is our human duty, just a bottle can save someone undergoing surgery, ailing from anemia, or have met with an accident. Because there is no artificial substitute for blood and someone, somewhere may be in dire need. Even one donation can help save a lot of lives. Be a part of this social responsibility as the need is constant where the gratification of saving a life is instant.

Blood the elixir of life

Social Initiatives

Social Initiatives

Every drop counts

We embrace sustainability through green initiative...

Social Initiatives


CATS a voluntary organization works in...

Social Initiatives

Water-pump Installation

The donation is not limited to material offerings...

Social Initiatives

We have taken a step have you?

It is always good to have people

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