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We help you develop hardware and IoT prototypes that will meet all your business’ requirements within weeks.
Save time and money

Save time and money

Say goodbye to post-deployment worries, avoiding pricey fixes. Boost client satisfaction & team morale, and save money by preventing downtime.

Enhance functionality

Enhance functionality

Whether it's switching protocols, exploring new devices, or restructuring the project, we help you catch flaws upfront to ensure an efficient project.

Reduced transportation cost

Faster delivery speed

We deliver swift and productive IoT hardware services. Each sensor's execution is optimized for quick, easy, and cost-effective functionality.

Success Stories We’ve Delivered

We are the trusted technology partner for many LSPs, delivering successful solutions for their needs.
Scott Rister
Scott Rister DOT Compliance Group
“Zapbuild isn't just a service provider; they are my strongest strategic partner. If you're seeking a reliable ally to exceed your expectations, I wholeheartedly recommend Zapbuild. Their solutions and unwavering support have transformed my business, and they can do the same for you.”
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Our Modern Hardware and IoT Prototype Offerings

From control room solutions to asset tracking systems to security solutions, explore our wide range of IoT solutions to meet your unique needs.
Control room solutions
We create advanced control room solutions to help large MNCs manage operations efficiently. From real-time surveillance to access control, automated alerts and more, our systems integrate technology for seamless monitoring, communication, and decision-making.
Asset tracking system
Build smart systems to track your company assets effortlessly. From geographical fencing to automated maintenance, fuel monitoring, audit trail, assets recovery and more,  our advanced solutions help you monitor, locate, and manage your valuable equipment.
Digital-out-of-home system
Elevate your marketing strategies and maximize brand exposure. Our comprehensive systems combine real-time analytics, IoT integration, and user-friendly management features to elevate the effectiveness of digital-out-of-home advertising campaigns.
Automatic entry control & barrier operation
Simplify security effortlessly with our automatic entry control and barrier operations solutions. Using IoT, we automate entry points that boost safety, reduce manual efforts, and ensure a streamlined, well-documented entry process for both individuals and vehicles.
Vending machine self service & automation
Revolutionize your vending experience with our Self Service & Automation solutions.  From biometric access control to automated record-keeping, inventory management, and more, our modern solutions enhance security, efficiency, and sustainability in staff refreshment services.
Entry & attendance with face recognition
Our ground-breaking solution enhances security, automates attendance management, and provides valuable insights for optimized workforce planning. They can be implemented at different geographical locations and controlled from a centralized administration system.
Data analytics and insights
Unlock the power of data with Zapbuild Technologies’ analytics solutions. With our analytics solutions, you can turn raw data into meaningful insights, make informed decisions, identify trends, and optimize processes for improved overall performance.
Smart warehousing
Our advanced warehouse solutions automate inventory tracking, ensuring real-time updates. With smart processes, our systems enhance efficiency, minimize errors, and transform warehouse management into a seamless and tech-driven operation.
Security and compliance solutions
Tailored for your unique needs, our security and compliance solutions fortify data, operations, and assets. They offer a robust shield against evolving threats, ensuring compliance and providing a secure foundation for business operations.

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