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    What We Do?

    Zapbuild serves businesses in the transportation and logistics industry with its advanced IT consulting and Software solutions. We leverage our extensive expertise for LSPs, CEPs, Carriers, Freight Brokers, and any enterprise involved in T&L activities to build a solution that fits their unique workflow and requirements. Our team focuses on consulting, implementing, supporting, and building T&L solutions that help boost your operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences.

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    Transportation Management System

    Are you seeking expert guidance, support, and powerful software solutions to optimize your transportation management? With our expertise in transportation management, we help you leverage the power of technology to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Our software solutions are designed to automate and optimize critical transportation functions, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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    Telesales for Transportation & Logistics

    Zapbuild's telesales services are expertly crafted for businesses seeking to thrive in the transportation and logistics industry. Our expertise lies in promoting and selling your products or services to this specific sector, ensuring personalized and targeted telesales campaigns. We leverage our industry expertise and innovative strategies to expand your customer base and drive revenue growth. Count on us to effectively reach and engage your target audience in the transportation and logistics industry, maximizing your sales potential and driving business success.

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    Transportation Learning Management System

    Is your transportation and logistics business looking to enhance employee training and development? Look no further than Zapbuild's Transportation Learning Management System (LMS). We design and develop LMS solutions specifically for the transportation industry to streamline and optimize training processes, ensuring a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. With Zapbuild's state-of-the art Transportation solutions , you can efficiently manage and deliver training programs, track employee progress, and assess their performance. Our experienced team of consultants and technology specialists will work closely with you to understand your unique training requirements and implement a customized LMS solution tailored to your business needs.

  • What We Do What We Do

    What We Do?

    Zapbuild serves businesses in the transportation and logistics industry with its advanced IT consulting and Software solutions. We leverage our extensive expertise for LSPs, CEPs, Carriers, Freight Brokers, and any enterprise involved in T&L activities to build a solution that fits their unique workflow and requirements. Our team focuses on consulting, implementing, supporting, and building T&L solutions that help boost your operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences.

  • E-learing E-learning


    The global e-learning market has grown by 300% in last 5 years and expected to rise by 25% every year in next decade. Our custom LMS solutions has helped authors reach new student communities, globally. Students, at the same time, are learning new skills with custom designed courses which makes learning at self pace possible and interesting.

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    Robot Hand

    AI & IOT

    There will be around 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by the year 2020, as compared to just 1.5 billion currently. IoT has touched our lives, already, starting from Smart Homes to Smart Traffic and Smart Parking Spaces. This is just the beginning.

    We create smart solutions which are assisting in making human lives more amiable, secure and peaceful.

  • Lab


    And, meanwhile in our Labs, We are working on something new and interesting. Now, to make the user experience more rich and interactive. The team in our Labs is creating a lightweight and Cross Platform Media Player to help the publishing and media industry.


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Get a powerful transportation management system for real-time visibility of your day-to-day transportation operations while ensuring the timely delivery of goods. We will provide you with a system that enables you to organize and better optimize the physical movement of items.

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Empower your transport and logistics business with custom fleet management software that meets all your evolving needs. With the help of fully-customized fleet management software, you can expand your fleet, improve tracking and visibility, and better manage your workflow.

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Improve the productivity, profitability, and performance of your logistics business. Our tailored transport operations management software will help you to efficiently work with drivers, streamline operations, and communicate with customers. You can speed up deliveries, reduce transportation-related risks, and boost your competitive advantage.

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Automate each stage of the supply chain process, from the production of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods, with our supply chain management solution. Our T&L experts craft solutions leveraging powerful technologies to allow you to manage sales, provide data to perform demand planning, and more.

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Start managing your everyday warehouse operations easily with a powerful software solution. We design solutions with the goal of streamlining warehouse operations, covering shipment receiving, inventory management, and shipment unloading, as well as distribution management.

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Our well-researched and widely-implemented learning management system (LMS) for the transportation sector will assist your business in efficiently organizing training programs, monitoring employee progress, and improving the training experience while saving time and money.

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Modernize your logistics business workflow with our comprehensive contract and document management system. By implementing a document management system in your enterprise, you can increase work productivity, improve collaboration, and find an easy way to access documents.

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We build feature-rich T&L marketplace solutions that facilitate businesses involved in transportation and logistics efficiently, flexibly, and profitably connect for their business operations. Whether you want to build a load board, a logistics aggregator, an intermodal marketplace, or a platform for spare parts - we’ve got you covered.

Featured Work
  • Hello, my name is TJ the CEO of TAGG LLC. Our business is focused on offering video gamers a unique experience. Our website is basically a hub for challenge matches of video games and a community for connecting for friendly competition. Zapbuild Technologies helped us bring what started as an idea and bring it to life. Our website spent about a year in development. While this may seem like a long time, it was because we were carving out our vision. The Team at Zapbuild stayed with us along the way through revision after revision they were there with us building everything we designed. They sought to understand what we were trying to build and when we were on the same page, they would meet with us for clarification meetings. Our relationship with the company and the team has been great and we are thankful for their help in getting our company's ideas to a platform. They have made what started as a dream become possible.

    Testimonial image
    Tj Edinger
    Aurora, United States
  • Zapbuild did a fantastic job at delivering a complex, bespoke web application for our business. The team was very helpful and accommodating, responding quickly to any issues as they arose. They made every effort to meet all deliverables and provide all necessary QA work and went about their work in a polite and professional manner. I would recommend Zapbuild to anyone seeking quality and value for money in their IT development partner.

    Testimonial image
    Campbell McPherson
    Camberwell, Australia
  • I enlisted the Zapbuild team on an app that is targeted at a niche with very particular needs. The team at Zapbuild was very responsive. Even when my requirements were a bit vague, they presented some good alternative for me to choose from. They helped me with bringing the vision for the app into focus, and provided great ideas on how best to achieve it. While we were in construction mode, they turned around my changes quickly. I am a software product manager by trade, and the Zapbuild team needed to involve me on a day to day basis more than other clients. This was no problem, the lines of communication were always open. I would highly recommend the Zapbuild team - they will work with you as a partner, not just a vendor.

    Testimonial image
    Jagdish Mirani
    San Francisco, United States
  • I am thankful to have found Zapbuild to help repair and complete a custom web-based program. Prior to Zapbuild, I was working with another developer who was unable to implement needed features and complete the program. Zapbuild team worked hard to salvage and improve any work already done and then continued to add the necessary features. The project consisted of a customer management program that tracks leads, appointments, referrals, rewards, and sales for my staff and an e-commerce site for my customers to purchase items and redeem their rewards. During the sixteen months of working with their team, they were quick to respond to emails, provided daily status reports, and were available for skype chats. I highly recommend Zapbuild to anyone who is in need of a web application or e-commerce site because they will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Testimonial image
    Sherri Emmert
    Lancaster, United States
  • Zapbuild is simply amazing! My working relationship with the team at Zapbuild has been extraordinary, due to their constant commitment and ability to stay on schedule with results. They have never let me down in the years that we have worked together. Zapbuild is always professional and courteous and responds quickly to my needs and questions. The Zap Team has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting and exceeding our expectations. The work is always above and beyond what I could have expected.

    Testimonial image
    Ralph Reilly
    Newington, United States

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