Empowering Connections and Growth in the Logistics Industry

Experience a new level of connectivity and growth in your logistics operations with an advanced aggregator platform. We understand that the transportation and logistics sector is highly dynamic in nature. Our software solutions are thus custom-designed to cater to the needs and challenges of T&L businesses.

You can enable improved communication and collaboration across the supply chain by integrating all the stakeholders, such as shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders, together on your aggregator platform. Advanced algorithms and real-time data can help you provide route optimization, minimize transit times, and increase the efficiency of operations.

Join us in building innovative technology solutions for the T&L industry. Embrace the transformative power of logistics solutions to propel your business toward unprecedented success.

Beneficiaries of Logistics Aggregator Platforms

Primary stakeholders who can benefit from using a logistics aggregator platform
3PL Providers

3PL Providers

Offer outsourced logistics services to businesses,  optimize logistics operations, coordinate shipments, and provide value-added services to clients



Find suitable and verified carriers to transport goods, book transportation services, track shipments, and manage logistics operations efficiently.



Present available capacity, receive booking requests from shippers, manage schedules, track shipments, and improve customer communication.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturers and Distributors

Act as a bridge between shippers and carriers, access a wide network of carriers, compare rates, book shipments, and track cargo in transit.

Retailers and E-commerce Platforms

Retailers and E-commerce Platforms

Manage supply chain, arrange transportation for their products, track inventory movements, and ensure timely delivery to customers.

Customs Brokers and Compliance Specialists

Customs Brokers and Compliance Specialists

Optimize movement of goods from warehouses to stores, enhance shipping processes, track orders, and provide delivery updates to customers.

Air or Rail Cargo Operations

Air or Rail Cargo Operations

Simplify documentation processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and facilitate the smooth movement of goods across international borders.

Success Stories We’ve Delivered

We are the trusted technology partner for many T&L business, for building their Transportation Management System
Scott Rister
Scott Rister DOT Compliance Group
“Zapbuild isn't just a service provider; they are my strongest strategic partner. If you're seeking a reliable ally to exceed your expectations, I wholeheartedly recommend Zapbuild. Their solutions and unwavering support have transformed my business, and they can do the same for you.”
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Key Features & Benefits of a Logistics Aggregator

Enabling efficient coordination and optimization in transportation and logistics
Multi-modal Integration
Integrates various transportation modes (road, rail, air, sea) into one platform. Offers flexibility in choosing the most suitable and cost-effective transportation.
Rate Comparison and Booking
Compare rates from multiple carriers and book shipments directly through the platform. Maximizes time and cost savings and simplifies the booking process.
Communication and Collaboration
Improves communication and coordination between shippers, carriers, and other stakeholders. Minimizes errors and enhances transparency across the supply chain.
Digital Documentation
Digitizes and manages documents, invoices, and paperwork. Ensures compliance and expedites customs clearance, reducing administrative overhead and delays.
Performance Monitoring
Monitors on-time delivery rates, carrier performance, and transportation costs. Identifies bottlenecks, tracks performance trends, and improves operations.
Real-time Tracking
Provides live updates on the status and location of shipments. Enhances visibility, reduces delays, and keeps stakeholders informed to improve customer satisfaction.
Route Optimization
Automatically calculates the most efficient routes for shipments. Reduces transit times, fuel costs, and overall transportation expenses while improving delivery reliability
Analytics and Insights
Data-driven insights and analytics on performance and trends. Helps identify optimization opportunities, improve operational efficiency, and make informed decisions.

How We Work

Crafting your custom route optimization solution
1 Requirement Analysis
Requirement Analysis
Requirement Analysis
We analyze your requirements for the aggregator platform, identifying challenges and opportunities for improvement. We aim to build a solution for your business's unique needs.
2 Custom Solution Design
Custom Solution Design
Custom Solution Design
We design a customized solution that is aligned with your business objectives. Our experts ensure every aspect of the solution meets your specific requirements.
3 Agile Development & Testing
Agile Development & Testing
Agile Development & Testing
We employ an agile approach, building projects in phases. Our team continuously refines the solution, rigorously testing its functionality, security, and efficiency.
4 Integration & Implementation
Integration & Implementation
Integration & Implementation
After development and testing, we integrate the solution into your infrastructure. Our method minimizes disruptions, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.
5 Ongoing Support & Updates
Ongoing Support & Updates
Ongoing Support & Updates
We provide continuous assistance and maintenance, resolving issues or adding new features. We're dedicated to sustaining your logistics aggregator platform.

Why Zapbuild is Your Ideal Technology Partner

We have been helping businesses solve We have deep knowledge of the transportation and logistics industry, which helps us build technology solutions that meet your specific challenges and requirements perfectly.

At Zapbuild, we're really good at using cutting-edge tech solutions to help logistics aggregators do their business better.

We listen to each client's problems and make solutions just for them so they work really well and save time.

Even after everything's set up, we're still here to help out, fix any problems, and make sure everything stays up-to-date and working great.

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