7 Of The Hottest Personal Trainer Web Design Trends 2018 04Jul, 2018

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fitness enthusiast trying to make it big as a professional or a certified fitness trainer working hard to make an impression on their audience and get back into the game. What you need is a reliable and meticulous website design for personal trainers that can highlight you and your services better.
But it isn’t going to be the same this time around. The run of the mill designs don’t work anymore. Your audience has grown bored of the repetitive patterns and the stale gimmicks used by fitness website developer teams to enhance your online presence. It is time to instruct your custom gym website development company to revamp its processes to attract and keep your customers loyal to you while educating them and keeping them up to date on the latest fitness trends and much more!
So, what are you waiting for? Time to get back into the race with 7 of the hottest health and fitness website design trends and beat the competition hands down!

Load Up Your Website With Photos

The current and one of the most followed trends in creating websites is of using HD images that speak directly to your customers. We all know how looking at an image impacts the human brain and a picture registers way faster than the written word. So it is only wiser to use high quality images that span the full breadth of the screen. Put on some easily available and duty free images of a gym lover doing bicep curls or if you want to go that extra mile, you can always request your loyal gym members to pose for the picture. Nothing stands out like originality.

Get Social With Fitness

If you look at the leading health and fitness websites of today you will notice a rising trend of cashing in on their social media presence. Social media platforms are the best place to show off your website and vice versa. You can post matching content on your website and on your social media pages to direct traffic from the latter to the former by showing them a “Read More” option. Likewise when you post your social media links on your website you are making them aware of your connections, and experience. You can encourage all your followers on social media platforms to become your avid clients once they reach your site via intelligent interlinking.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Testimonials and clients videos are an old school way of telling your visitors that yes; it is going to be worth your time here. They are a much more practical and straightforward way of selling your website and they always work. When it comes to commanding trust, testimonials matter. Your potential clients will not believe a word you say online about how great you are as a personal trainer if you can’t get your clients to back those claims with testimonials. Testimonials hold a special place in Digital marketing especially when it comes to fitness.

Videos Enhance Interaction

Videos are big and they will continue to get bigger as time passes. Our favorite social media platforms have already integrated features that let members load and share videos. We see videos in website design, social media, educational portals and on fashion websites and tutorial web pages – they’re everywhere! When it comes to a hardcore e-commerce website development, having a video in some cases might turn out to be a distraction. However, when we talk about health and fitness websites, people want to know the trainer better. They want to hear what their strategies are for clients looking for varied fitness goals. Also in some cases you don’t want to divert your audience’s mind from your site to an educational video. In that situation you can opt for an ongoing motivational video that is kept on loop in the background of a text that could display the newest features of the day or snippets of the most current fitness news. How you use the video will justify it being there at all as a design element.

Defining Fitness Goals

Fitness website development should be done intelligently. All your design elements should be focused on making its use easy. If you serve to a diverse client base that comprises people looking for various fitness goals such as weight loss, toning up, muscle building, fat or inches loss or weight maintenance, you have to make efforts to ensure that your visitors don’t have to sift through irrelevant information to get to the page of their choice. When you can divide or separate your website into easily readable sections depending on different fitness goals, it becomes very easy for the visitor to navigate through your website to the page they seek and this speeds up conversion.

Offers And Downloads For Everyone

Now this is one really effective trick to get everyone talking about your website. It is a good idea to welcome your users with a personalized or highly relevant training guide or weight loss diary that can come in handy for the majority of fitness enthusiasts that come to you. You can also use enticing offers and gifts to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or membership. You can incorporate the links to all these downloadable files on the homepage or anywhere you like and bam! You have a site that converts.

Simplicity At Its Best

One can also create a very minimalistic looking fitness website design for personal trainers looking to upsell their services. This design could work like a portfolio for the services being provided. This particular fitness website design will be complemented by a distinctive logo that depicts the name or brand of the personal trainer and can be combined with a picture of theirs making for a strong visual representation. Your custom gym website development team will come up with a layout that is easy to understand and allows for different ways to connect with the trainer. The “About Us” section will contain the various specializations and services being offered and the blog could be a diverse mix of recipes, transformation stories and latest fitness trends and health tracking gadgets to name a few.

Remember, in our attempt to make our website more interesting and appealing, we tend to add more and more features and style to it. Moreover, we end up overloading its pages with content that despite being relevant cannot garner any conversions. Reason is that it is presented amidst all of that chaos that we call “design.” When it comes to health and fitness website development keeping it simple yet effective is the mantra of today.


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