9 Reasons To Use ROR For eCommerce Store Development 26Jul, 2018

When you are in search of an ideal website development environment, what do you look for? Do you look for simplification or easy code structure or scalable software? Actually you look for all these aspects and more. Your web development company must be aware of the Ruby on Rails Concepts. It is one of the most preferred, used and popular open source code frameworks available. ROR is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) concept and was specially created for web application development. But what makes it a favorite of developers and clients alike? Let’s find out:

Project Cost Can Be Lowered

You know that the total cost of your website would be directly influenced by the time taken for its development. Therefore when you take efforts to shorten this period as much as possible you find that it is in the interests of both the customer and the developer. RoR comes with easily understandable paradigms which reduce the overall time taken for direct web application development.

Smooth Integration Into Database

As mentioned earlier, RoR facilitates simple integration with all your databases and it is one of its most useful features. The framework minimizes the need to write the code which is required to implement connections to external resources. You can thus concentrate on the development of main functionality as much as possible.

High Level Of Scalability And Modularity

RoR is a unique yet easy to understand development environment and it was built in a way that allows coders to use universal coding structures which can easily be implemented across various solutions. This factor works out well for your ecommerce store development company as their activities are primarily focused on developing template modules which in future can be easily scaled or applied to all your other projects.

Say Yes To Free Plugins!

There is an abundance of free plugins with RoR and they are called gems. And this makes even more sense for leading ecommerce store development companies to choose this platform especially for startups. You can customize your entire website for any business need easily and without any delay.

Enhanced Flexibility

If you want your platform to evolve with the new trends and technologies, you need to scale your store up and implement new features as your business grows. A flexible platform lets you adjust its structure to your needs and that of your customers’ as well.

Stability and Performance

If your site is stable and high on performance your potential customers will buy from you. Remember, they do not like to wait for anything when they are online. A slow website or an unfavorable online environment will often make your users impatient and they will simply abandon it and shop with one of your competitors instead. ROR prevents that from happening.

Mature Codebase With The Help Of A Widespread Community
The widespread community actively engaged in the development of ROR incessantly supports this framework. New repositories and features are constantly added and these can be directly implemented in the platform. This stability and high quality of the framework is actually due to its mature codebase.

Payment Integration Made Easy

Your ecommerce website will be able to integrate both the most used and the least used payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe, SagePay, Authorize.Net, Moneris, Braintree, Skrill, Samurai, USA ePay and WorldPay. This enables you to provide multiple payment methods to your customers, making shopping with you much easier.

Ease Of Deployment

Your e-commerce site is going to take a long time to create and this process will only get completed after months of coding and testing. Ruby on Rails offers you an easily deployable framework comprising automated processes that make for a rapid and simple launch of your commercial website. In case of query please contact:  https://www.zapbuild.com/

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