A Revolution with New Windows 8 OS. 31Oct, 2012

Innovations or Introduction of something new always generate curiosity in the hearts and minds of people. And when an up-gradation in technology seems breaking the walls of monotony and giving us something new and rejuvenating everytime we wish, it adds charm to the wish list. Completely changing

the world of operating systems, Windows 8 has come up with transparency in maintaining the platform for applications. Windows 8 represents a vital shift in the way operating system works and is far more touchscreen-oriented for both tablets as well as traditional PCs. Highlighting its attributes which make it stand out in the queue of previous versions; it is fine and furnished and renders even better performance than shown in the previews.
It’s Log-in and boot times are fast, the applications look amazingly great and the Sync feature brings unified transition between multiple devices. Windows 8 is speaking its glory with the advanced store of applications and modern outlook. Touching the darker side, its learning curve is steep and in-app navigation is not obvious.

Some will be sticking to their traditional PCs while some will go for touch-oriented Windows 8. Like it or Hate it, Windows 8 is flourishing in the new era of cloud-connected Microsoft services, a unified user interface for social media interaction. Many will surely going to like this and many will hate it as it will rise the complexity to learn how to use. But ultimately time will decide and tell whether this risk has given fruitful results or not.

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