Boost Your Marketing Campaigns With UX Design Principles 20Jan, 2019

User Experience (UX) matters and the design of your website, the email template you pick and the CTA you choose, all are a part of it. They are going to boost or subdue the effect of your marketing campaigns. Today a lot of companies entrust their marketing chores to advanced UX teams with highly skilled professionals onboard in the hopes of creating websites and mobile marketing campaigns that provide the user with the most personalized and intuitive experience. These experts are expected to have:

  • A thorough understanding of fundamental UX design principles
  • Effective tips and tricks up their sleeve that let them know your customer and identify and prioritize their needs and pain points
  • Understanding of the right ways to improve user experience via emails, landing pages, and website and more!

Your Website, Your Content, Your Design, All Are Linked to Your Marketing Campaigns

There could be a lot of problems related to your website framework, the content you have on it and the basic design that you’ve chosen. Find out these things about all of these elements if you want to make sure that your marketing campaigns are not going down the drain:

  • Does your website load slowly? What is the exact loading time of it and how patient is your user?
  • What are the speed, smoothness and quality of navigation across your website? Is it easy to understand for a new user?
  • Have you taken the right measures to emphasize on high priority information?
  • Is the content bang on and relevant?
  • Does your website have easily readable text?
  • Did you use colors and themes that are appealing and attractive?
  • Is your CTA eye catching enough?

Ask yourself these questions because the answer to them will impact your marketing efforts in the long run and would have the power to render them effective or otherwise.

Take Time To Get To Know Your Users

Do you know the kind of user base you are catering to? Haven’t they grown in age over time? Have they started earning more over the years? When you know your customers better, you can tell your UI UX designer to come up with an experience that makes them feel special even after years of purchases from you. Your end user interface should speak to them and they should be willing to recommend your website or app to others.

You have to be intuitive with your designs and all related paraphernalia. And to be successful with the innovation that you are aiming to bring in, you need to understand your users better. Know them, talk to them and listen to them. Work to understand what they expect out of you and deliver the kind of user experience they desire from you. Create realistic buyer personas that will help you visualize and understand your end user and you will be able to deliver a more personalized and targeted experience.

Does Your Email Design Adapt To Mobile Screens?

The mobile responsiveness and scalability of your emails and other promotional content also form a significant part of your user experience designs. This will affect your marketing campaigns a lot so taking them lightly can be risky. According to studies, close to 80% of users delete their emails if they don’t fit in their mobile device. That is a scary statistic but you have ways to prevent this from happening to your messages. It is time to optimize your mobile emails for the devices your consumers are using. Make them more scalable and readable. But don’t just limit optimization to the email interface. You will be shocked to know that about 16% of mobile-friendly emails take the user to a not so well optimized website.

A staggering 48% of websites are viewed on mobile devices. So if you are not optimizing your websites as well for mobile devices, you are risking a rather large share of your audience moving to your competitors. A lot of marketers have started paying more attention towards developing well optimized websites for mobiles resulting in a whopping 56% of them now being designed specifically for mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned UI UX principles are few in number but relevant to the core. They still do not comprise any hard and fast rules on marketing. They are not even an excerpt from a book on rules of UX and Design Principles. They are mere observations and derive foundation from years of experience of skilled marketers and the insights they have gathered and shared. You can of course modify them to suit your needs but the one thing that cannot be compromised with is the end user experience. This one aspect has to be excellent if you want your marketing campaigns to work as you intend them to.

Your websites, emails, newsletters, mobile applications, calls to action, and even pop-up ads in many cases, all form a significant part of your general user interface design. They reflect the quality of marketing and promotional activities you have undertaken to impress your audience. Therefore, what your user is going to interact with in order to reach you or respond to your messages has to be high on relevance and should provide them with quality experience.


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