5 Common Hreflang Mistakes You Might Be Making 15Nov, 2018

5 Common Hreflang Mistakes You Might Be Making

Are you thinking about how to add hreflang tags in html? Are you wondering what will happen if you used them on your duplicate content? How do you fit hreflang in SEO? What would it do to your website ranking in the long run? Before you make a mistake while implementing this tag, understand the following: Hreflang Attribute The hreflang attribute is widely referred to as rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”. It tells the leading search engines (Google) which language you use on a specific page. Based on that the search engine serves relevant results to your users who are searching in that language. Before You Go About Randomly Implementing This Tag All Over Your Web Pages, Understand The Most Common Hreflang Mistakes…

Install Mac on normal machine 28Dec, 2010

Install Mac on normal machine

Introduction There are thousands of Computer Users who would always dream to own a Mac and this is not just for the beautiful looks or the powerful hardware but for the Operating System OS X which is one of the reason Apple is selling their products in large numbers. Now its quite possible for anyone to install a Mac OS X Snow Leopard the latest OS from Apple on their normal computers powered with Windows or Linux. Here are few of the reasons why you would be looking to perform this job. 1.Mac is a operating system which is less prone to viruses. 2.High graphics Steps for installing Mac on a normal Machine. Things you need for starting the installation…

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How to make your website password protected using .htaccess? 10Dec, 2010

How to make your website password protected using .htaccess?

How to make a website password protected in just 2 minutes? It’s simple. Here, we will be using .htaccess to authenticate our valuable stuff on the web. Thus to achieve the same follow the below mention 3 simple steps. This whole process, will require us to create two files (.htaccess and .htpasswd) and have to put them on FTP under the folder to which we would like to make password protected. .htaccess – Below is the code for .htaccess file AuthUserFile /home/domains/ [path to .htpasswd file] AuthType Basic AuthName “Warning: This is a restricted area…” .htpasswd – In this file, we need to mention the username and password using which one can login to restricted area. Username:passwordPlease note: we must…

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