3 Paramount Ecommerce UX Design Tips To Lure Your Users 12Jun, 2018

3 Paramount Ecommerce UX Design Tips To Lure Your Users

What is E-Commerce? E-commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. When we carry on business activities online and provide our customers with goods or services through the internet, electronic devices and mobile technology, it is called e-commerce. All the communication made via these platforms and finalization of the sales, along with all the experiences that lie in between that lead to the final purchase add to the final user experience that a website delivers. An ecommerce website is successful only when it can persuade the user to make a purchase and can achieve the desired conversion numbers. But how do you make that happen? Agreed that you have a fantastic website that even ranks higher than most of your competitors, but how…

Cloudfront SSL SETUP 27Dec, 2017

Cloudfront SSL SETUP

If you are hosting your website on Amazon EC2, it is very easy to integrate the SSL certificate in it and make it secure. The most interesting thing with Amazon is, its SSL certificate is free. And if we use SSL certificate from any other provider like Godaddy, it costs us around $60-70 per year. But with Amazon we don’t have to pay a single penny for SSL. But Hold on, take a breath and read out further as well 😉 To integrate the SSL, Amazon provides us two services: CloudfrontLoad Elastic Load Balancer We can’t integrate SSL directly with EC2 instance. And there is some costing involved in using these services depending upon the usage. Here, I am going…