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Software Versioning and Release Numbers 06Jul, 2012

Software Versioning and Release Numbers

Whenever you look at the About dialog or readme file of a software, it generally has the information about the software – It’s Name, Company’s Name and among other things, a peculiar 4 decimal Version number. Ever wondered, why softwares generally have a 4 decimal identification number in their About dialogs. What do these 4 decimal digits signify? Lets have a look, closely. Generally, the Version number is a 4 decimal number something like These numbers signify : 1. Major 2. Minor 3. Build and 4. Revision number of the software. Lets explore these individually. 1. Major: The first part of the 4 decimal number of the version, represents the number of Major releases a sofware has gone through….

TFS 2010 Build Service 20Jan, 2011

TFS 2010 Build Service

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