Few Things Your Phone Can Supplant 09Nov, 2012

Fast growth and development has spread the chains of competition and tied closely the use of Smartphones. Now a days, even manufacturers prompt to innovate or to come up with something that display unique features and meet the requirements of changing technology. Despite this, the multi-tasking Smartphone can still do a lot for you. At present Smartphones have established commonness and can be used as a mouse or a webcam for personal computers with its multiple outstanding apps simplifying the complexities of life.

1. Barcode and QR Readers – These are somewhat like bank accounts in which you can save your valuables. They are on the books and magazines, different products and websites. Code language is basically used when one has to keep the information secret and locked and can be only accessed by a decoder possessing the rights to do so. Some applications even let you create your own QR codes for a way to carry and share information safely. Shaping with black-and-white squares QR barcodes usually offer an efficient link to websites and can store small information. Your phone’s camera can be used to scan barcodes and QR codes.

2. Replacing Cable Connection – Paying huge amount on these connections don’t make any sense specially when you are using your television for just couple of hours a day. Resolving this problem, a Smartphone with good data connection is a perfect solution. Invest in a data plan that serves you with both (the cost of cable and an internet connection). While these apps are free but services won’t be. But still provides you television in your hand and enables you to stream live television onto a handset.

3. Physical Switches – Just give a vision controlling your home’s lightning, security system and entertainment devices by your Smartphone. You will have to install the CAS ( Crestron Automation System) and download the Crestron Mobile G app to configure the home control unit. It demands money but is worth spending.

4. App to Measure – An app to give accurate measurements has now supplanted the old measuring tapes. Whether measuring your height or getting the exact dimensions of newly purchased house, enabling one to spot inconsistencies very fast. Some of these apps even come with the unit converter.

5. Business Cards – How you build your relations in corporate and the way you maintain your networking is extremely important these days. Due to number of conferences, seminars and expos we attend help us to have strong PR. All of these add to our collection of business cards.
Usually these cards have no storage value and are easily dumped in the bins and lost when needed. But Smartphones offer an easy way to organize. There are applications that scan business cards and copy the information on the card to the phone as well as on the cloud.

6. Replaced Paper – Arrival of Smartphones have substituted the use of paper. And as a result it has shutdown the markets for books and newspapers. In this busy world, no one has time to flip pages to get the latest news. Therefore, folks love to subscribe online and get the latest updates instantly. It saves time as well.

7. Plans to supercede plastic money – Looking further into the future, there is the very real possibility that our phones will quite simply become our default computing hubs and will surely make the visibility of our credit and debit cards disappear.
8. Miscellaneous – Power of Smartphones have not restricted and bounded to any extent. It has spread its layers and making a cobweb. With the above mentioned categories, smartphones have captured radio, digital camera, thick dictionaries, road maps, GPS devices etc;- and becoming a complete hub with the flavors of entertainment and infotainment.

Going through flamboyant features of Smartphones, everyone would love to switch from their present sets to this advanced platform of communication. Impressed with unique and attractive attributes of Smartphones don’t forget to make use of it’s most basic feature…..Calling! Stay smart with Smartphones.

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