How Does The New AdWords Affect You And Your Business? 05Jan, 2019

Google effectively intimated that it will do away with the old AdWords interface by the end of 2018. The new Adwords interface has been steadily rolling out to everyone over the past year, and it should be available to everyone by the year-end.

According to sources Google said, “The new AdWords will become the exclusive way to manage your accounts by the end of the year, and access to the previous experience will no longer be available.” Apart from that Google added that “all the features you rely on to run your business are available in the new experience.” But what most experts have gathered over a period of time having looked at the new Google AdWords features is that this isn’t 100% true. Google clearly states that some features and reports that were previously available will not be available in the new AdWords experience.

Following Are Some Of The Changes In AdWords Interface


The Overview/Home tab appears when you first open the AdWords interface. In the earlier version it looked like some data sprawled awkwardly without any clear definition or separation. But the new interface is simplified and lets you quickly select dropdown arrows from tabs where you can add additional or varying lines to your graph. You can see that the top right corner is very helpful with a native n-gram analysis button. The bottom of the Overview page lets you see your performance on every network and more.

The Time Window

The new interface offers an improved time navigation window. This is now scrollable and you can easily navigate to a point in time you desire, even a few months back. You can also view history of the past 90 days by just changing the date range on the bottom left of the menu.

The Overall Stack and Experience

The new “Stack” has a more logical flow to it and it starts with the Overview at the top, and then come the Campaigns and Ad Groups. Targeting options and ads are contained in another section below this. This and many other changes to the Google AdWords of 2018 has made the overall navigation easy and enhanced the user experience by several notches.

But is this all to it? Actually we are far from knowing all about it yet.

Let’s Go Over The Various Pros Of The Brand New Google Adwords Interface.


  • The program page loads in a different manner and it’s more fun now. The quirky “spinning” animations are fresh and appealing.
  • You will see alerts at the dashboard level. These do a much better job of highlighting recent performance changes.
  • From an aesthetics standpoint the new AdWords home tab looks much better now. The new interface offers you Promotion extensions on ads and this feature is strictly available in the new version.
  • Other than this there is the Audience manager which lets you set a promotional campaign to target prospects or people who have engaged previously with your website.
  • In addition to this you also get bid adjustments
  • You also get promotion extensions which wasn’t present in the old version


These Are The Several Cons Of The New Google AdWords Interface

  • The new columns you see on your screen tend to clog it up and most of them are irrelevant ones.
  • These columns don’t use your key performance indicators (KPIs).  You will have to keep on modifying them repeatedly to keep working as you were before.
  • To some users the line graph located above the ad group information rows would seem too big. You can only view information of the first two or three ad groups. This results in mismanaged space on the screen which crams the information on the page below.
  • Another con would be that when you first visit any of your ad group, the keywords do not appear to be sorted by clicks or impressions or cost which should actually be the default setting. Instead when a user opens an ad group, zero-impression keywords are the first thing in their field of vision. The “your change has been saved” dismiss box feels slow and intrusive.


To Wrap It Up

Let’s just say that it’s a mixed bag of utilities at the moment. Hopefully there will be changes, updates and patches to it that will make the new AdWords function just like it should for the user. Time will tell how it evolves into something that can be helpful for PPC Advertising Company India.


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