How To Perform A Quick Google AdWords Health Check 04Jul, 2018

When it comes to extracting better performance from your paid internet search campaigns, it is very important that you consider doing a Google AdWords health check. It is also in your best interests to perform a quick check if you’re skeptical whether or not your AdWords campaign is set up to follow best practices. Do it on a more regular basis if you want a better return on your investment.

But How Does The Adwords Health Check REALLY Help You Out?

With a regular and thorough AdWords Analysis you can easily cover the following points:

  • Your AdWords strategy which comprises your Ad Campaign and Ad Group structure
  • Targeted demographic and location specific marketing
  • Keywords
  • Quality scores
  • Optimization of landing pages
  • How you make use of ad extensions
  • Effectiveness of your ad copy and that includes image ads for the purpose of re-marketing and display campaigns
  • How well you are using negative keywords
  • Tracking website conversions and related costs
  • Google analytics linking

How Is An AdWords Health Check Suitable For You?

If you are managing your own AdWords campaigns, or have recently chosen to stop working with your previous ppc management firm and are in a dire need of professional help, you should get it done right now. It will be even more suitable for you if you work in any of the following capacities:

  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Team member
  • Marketing agency owner
  • Marketing agency employee
  • Business owners

Following Are The Key Aspects Of A Google AdWords Health Check And It Is Important To Understand Them If You Want Your Business To Garner More Leads And Prove Profitable In The Long Run

Keywords Analysis Brings Us To The Importance Of Using Grouped Keywords
If you have more than one product or service to sell, it is better to group all your keywords into different ad groups. An ad group created by you can contain one or more ads that effectively target a shared set of keywords. The marketer would typically set a bid or price on it and whenever a keyword from that ad group triggers an ad to appear, it would generate cost-per-click (CPC). And this is called a CPC bid. Prices for a single keyword can also be set within the same ad group. They also let you organize your ads either by a common theme, or types of products or kinds of services, etc.

Reviewing Your Search Terms Report Is Also An Essential Part Of Your Google Adwords Health Check
This report tells you exactly what your customers are typing. Their exact query is what triggers your ad and so you can determine what the irrelevant searches are that you might be paying for. The search terms report shows you clearly how well or badly your ads have performed when they are triggered by actual searches.

Benefits Of Search Terms Report

  • You can use it to identify new search terms that have better potential to rank you higher. You can then add them to your keyword list as well.
  • You can also discover more negative keywords by looking for irrelevant search terms. This way you can effectively avoid showing your ads to uninterested users and prevent unnecessary spending.
  • The search terms report forms an important aspect of AdWords analysis because the crucial data in it lets you efficiently manage your existing keywords by making it easy for you to add high-performing search terms in the form of keywords to your ad group.

Do You Know What Your Negative Keywords Are?
If you are constantly seeing irrelevant content in your search terms report, you can add some negative keywords to avoid costly searches with little or no value to your business.
Yes, you got it right; negative keywords enable you to exclude irrelevant search terms from your ad campaigns. This way you can focus on what’s more important and in this case it is the keywords that your customers actually use to find you. Remember, this way you are targeting better and this has the power to take you and your ad right to the users who are interested and increase your ROI.

Do You Use Ad Extensions?
Did you know they can put your business under the limelight? Ensure that all your ad campaigns make use of Ad Extensions. What Extensions typically do is expand your already highly targeted ads with relevant additional information. This gives your users a better reason to choose your business. They increase your ad’s click-through-rate by a big percentage and may include call buttons, links to pages or specific parts of your site, and more.

AdWords automatically selects which extensions to show and which to not show in response to searches made on Google and this maximizes the performance of your text ads. Therefore it is highly recommended to use all extensions that are relevant to your business goals. By adding relevant extensions your ad becomes more visible and you gain prominence on SERPs. You can also check whether these extensions have been able to increase total number of clicks or not.


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