Install Mac on normal machine 28Dec, 2010


There are thousands of Computer Users who would always dream to own a Mac and this is not just for the beautiful looks or the powerful hardware but for the Operating System OS X which is one of the reason Apple is selling their products in large numbers. Now its quite possible for anyone to install a Mac OS X Snow Leopard the latest OS from Apple on their normal computers powered with Windows or Linux. Here are few of the reasons why you would be looking to perform this job.

1.Mac is a operating system which is less prone to viruses.
2.High graphics

Steps for installing Mac on a normal Machine.

Things you need for starting the installation are DVD drive, Mac os snow leopard Cd with all patches.

You can get the download able links from ( or you can go for torrents.

Once you have the dvd then you can start with the installation. Just insert the bootable image and reboot your pc.

Follow the steps when you saw the installation.

(Note: On some normal pcs hardware configuration doesn’t match or less with the required one. So your installation will not start if it doesn’t match. I have tried with AMD and Duel core processor with nvida graphics card and 1 gb of ram and it worked fine for me.)

Before start with the installation. You need to make your partition usable by MAC. Click on the disk utilizes from above menu. Select you disk from left side and click on the partition which will appear on the right.

Then select how many partition you want to have it with your disk drive. One important step you need to select the boot loader as GUID it will appear and then select it. Following are the images for installation for better understanding.

When you are at step Install summary then Click on the customize and this is very important step in the installation.

For proper working of mac, it requires a boot loader, kernel.

You need to select first update i.e 10.6.1 snow

then boot loader for intel if using AMD then dont select that one.

Select all kernels (For amd last option in the kernels should be uncheck)

Rest you can select all but in the system support don’t check all the check box except it is required by your configuration.

After that start your installation and after finish restart your computer.

Congratulation you have your own mac.

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