Low Quality Score – Fight It With Google Ads Script 05Feb, 2019

First let’s understand what quality score actually is. Google uses Quality Score to measure the relevance of your ad. Quality Score is basically a keyword-level metric. It is measured on a scale of 1 to 10. It illustrates how relevant your ad comes across to your user. The important components of Quality Score are:

  • Historical click-through-rate which is also called CTR
  • Keyword relevance particularly to the ad
  • Keyword and ad relevance to the search query put in by the user
  • Landing page quality

If you think that low Quality Score keywords are wasting your money, you can make use of Google ad scripts to help you locate them and perform a quick fix. Low Quality Scores are a nuisance for everyone who wishes to succeed as an online business entity and this has been the case ever since AdWords (now Google Ads) came into existence. To be honest the inner workings of Google Adwords are a mystery to all of us and needless to mention they are annoyingly difficult to fix. But why do we need to fix any of it?

Why Are We Giving Quality Score So Much Importance?

Understand that Quality Score is a primary determinant of the reach and rank of your ad. Your ad rank decides where your ad will appear in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Google uses this quality score to determine your cost-per-click (CPC) as well. Let’s just say that the higher your keywords Quality Score is, the better it is for you. Google makes it a point to penalize advertisers / marketers with low Quality Scores by rarely or never showing their ads online. So how can we prevent ourselves from getting penalized?

How Can We Find Low Quality Score Keywords?

With the right Google ads script, it becomes very much easier for you to find and fix your low Quality Score keywords. It saves you a lot of time and you can spend all of it on more important business activities. Start by setting a Quality Score threshold. The script emails you and informs you about the location of the keywords with an equal or lower score to that value. Then you can address the problem immediately. Having Difficulties Locating Low Quality Keywords? Don’t Worry! The script you set can also label those keywords so that you can find them quicker. You may also choose to pause those keywords for you, but before that make sure your threshold is not set too high.

How Would You Use The Google Ads Script To Improve Your Quality Score?

  • Go to Bulk Actions In Google Ads
  • Choose Scripts
  • You will then land up on the Scripts page
  • Now Click on the big “+” button
  • This creates a new space
  • Paste in the script

You Will Have To Edit The Following Options As Well:


Here you will find a list of email addresses that can be chosen to be alerted of low Quality Score keywords. These are typically separated by a comma located inside square brackets.


Define the Quality Score value. The script will consider this value as “low.” Low Quality Score keywords can be automatically labeled by setting LABEL_KEYWORDS to true. Now you can put the label name in LOW_QS_LABEL_NAME.

Your low Quality Score keywords will be automatically paused by Setting PAUSE_KEYWORDS to true.

You Can Use Google Ads Scripts To Make Automated Changes

Do you know that with AdWords scripts you can make automated changes in your account? Use JavaScript code to change bids, pause your ad groups, and edit or add keywords. Written scripts let you do that directly within your AdWords account and it may work even better for you if you have to manage large campaigns. Having some scripting skills lets you make several changes across your account and that saves you more time. You can also modify multiple accounts with the help of Scripts through a manager account.


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