Make your business functional with “on page seo” 14Jan, 2011

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (Seo) a word optimization define the “functional as possible” seo a web marketing strategy help to promote your business products by using different planning policies and make your product functional by achieving high rank in search engine result.

On page Seo

“On page” seo means the functional information on your site which crawler and user can easily rip up.


Foremost for on page.

1. Title tag

As it display in the top bar of browser so it play a vital role for achieving high rank it is cardinal that title must contain HTML tag.

General rules for Title tag:

  • Up to 100 characters and max 3 keywords
  • Use primary keyword in the beginning of title than secondary
  • Don’t repeat keywords again n again to avoid spam/caps

<title>abc company, primary keyword, secondary keyword</title>

2. Meta description

Communicate your site content with numerous keywords in description which make your site spider responsive.

  • Up to 255 characters and
  • Maximum 3-4 keywords
  • Content must be in logical sentence
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes

3. Meta keywords

Meta keyword provides you right to add some serviceable text for spider to do indexing from your site page.

<meta “keywords” content = “keywords, relevant to site, separated by, coma ‘,’ pipeline ‘|’ “>

  • Up to 1000 characters and 45 words
  • Primary k1, secondary k2, … … ….
  • Keyword must be relevant to your site
  • Use to select keyword

4. Body content

It is a fact that “Content is king” in seo which help your site to get top position in search engines and users also. Content is data which users actually looking for when come to your site

  • Content must be fresh and confine
  • Provide the information which help users
  • Use keywords in content which help spider to indexing from your site.
  • Bold or Italic the content which is more useful
  • Avoid duplicate content it will make your site spam

5. Extra visuals

Search engine not read images, flash, scripting language so to make our image or flash crawler friendly we use html tags which define what the information all about to describe these functions we use “<alt tag>”

<img src=”abc.jpg” alt=”A picture of abc define what image rectify”/>.

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