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7 Of The Hottest Personal Trainer Web Design Trends 2018 04Jul, 2018

7 Of The Hottest Personal Trainer Web Design Trends 2018

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fitness enthusiast trying to make it big as a professional or a certified fitness trainer working hard to make an impression on their audience and get back into the game. What you need is a reliable and meticulous website design for personal trainers that can highlight you and your services better. But it isn’t going to be the same this time around. The run of the mill designs don’t work anymore. Your audience has grown bored of the repetitive patterns and the stale gimmicks used by fitness website developer teams to enhance your online presence. It is time to instruct your custom gym website development company to revamp its processes to attract and…

3 Paramount Ecommerce UX Design Tips To Lure Your Users 12Jun, 2018

3 Paramount Ecommerce UX Design Tips To Lure Your Users

What is E-Commerce? E-commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. When we carry on business activities online and provide our customers with goods or services through the internet, electronic devices and mobile technology, it is called e-commerce. All the communication made via these platforms and finalization of the sales, along with all the experiences that lie in between that lead to the final purchase add to the final user experience that a website delivers. An ecommerce website is successful only when it can persuade the user to make a purchase and can achieve the desired conversion numbers. But how do you make that happen? Agreed that you have a fantastic website that even ranks higher than most of your competitors, but how…

4 Signs It’s High Time You Got An ERP Software For Your Business 12Jun, 2018

4 Signs It’s High Time You Got An ERP Software For Your Business

You feel good when you see that the scope and scale of your business operations are expanding. But along with this prosperity and profits what comes is complexity. With your operations and information dispersed across various channels and sources, you need a more unified approach to managing your business. And this is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), an essential business process management software, steps in. It is a system of integrated applications that allows your organization to automate many back office functions related to services, human resources, and technology. It centralizes all aspects of your business – all your functions and operations are managed within a single software system. ERP software enhances your functionality and is basically designed to automate…

What Are Some Obvious Reasons To Hire An SEO Savvy Web Developer ? 30May, 2018

What Are Some Obvious Reasons To Hire An SEO Savvy Web Developer ?

Search Engine Optimization is nothing new. We all know what it is and how it functions to benefit our online presence but for the ones who haven’t an inkling of a clue what it does and is, let’s just put things in perspective. SEO, as it is popularly called, is a technique to help you rank your website higher in search results pages of the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. You are going to need a web development company that is SEO savvy for the following reasons: Ranking High When you are looking for a web development company or a reputed PHP web developer team, do you often consider hiring an SEO developer separately? Well, if…

A Quick Guide on Website Migration: SEO Checklist 23May, 2018

A Quick Guide on Website Migration: SEO Checklist

By the term “site migration” what SEO professionals are trying to describe is any event where a website is put through significant changes in its structure and content management, coding and hosting protocols and much more. These changes affect the search engine visibility of the website quite substantially. If you need to perform a website migration, you have to choose a digital marketing agency that understands the various risks associated with it and also the types that make for a successful site in the long run. Understanding The Various Risks Important Part Of Your Website Migration Checklist SEO Domain transfer is risky as redirects are often taken in bad taste by the viewer. It might hurt the potential ranking of the…

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Blockchain (Part 2) – Mining 15Mar, 2018

Blockchain (Part 2) – Mining

I have discussed minutely about mining and Proof-of-Work in Part 1 of the article. I’ll try to explain the technical details of mining and its benefits in Blockchain and how it is used in Bitcoin. To reiterate what I discussed in first part about mining, there are special nodes on the blockchain network which are dedicatedly running an algorithm to validate the transactions being generated on the network. Miners validate the transactions in a batch (for Bitcoin blockchain, each block is ~1MB in size). This Batch is called a Block and it has a specific format containing the Block ID, Transactions contained in that Block, Hash of the previous approved block on the chain, and hash of the whole Block….

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