How Does The New AdWords Affect You And Your Business? 05Jan, 2019

How Does The New AdWords Affect You And Your Business?

Google effectively intimated that it will do away with the old AdWords interface by the end of 2018. The new Adwords interface has been steadily rolling out to everyone over the past year, and it should be available to everyone by the year-end. According to sources Google said, “The new AdWords will become the exclusive way to manage your accounts by the end of the year, and access to the previous experience will no longer be available.” Apart from that Google added that “all the features you rely on to run your business are available in the new experience.” But what most experts have gathered over a period of time having looked at the new Google AdWords features is that…

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Why You Should Migrate From Python To GoLang? 04Dec, 2018

Why You Should Migrate From Python To GoLang?

Why Do You Need A Switch From Python To Go? There are many factors at play when you want to use a language for a project or product. Certain choices have to be made and there are obviously hard decisions that affect your product in the long run. A lot of companies are changing their core service back end from Python to Go. Reasons are aplenty and for the ones out there who are contemplating the same keep on reading to find out more What Matters The Most Is The Performance Go assures performance which makes it a clear winner, both at runtime and compile time. When we talk about computing benchmarks it is very much comparable to Java or…

Some Of The Best Practices For Healthcare Website Development 03Dec, 2018

Some Of The Best Practices For Healthcare Website Development

Healthcare web application development is a critical task. If you find your medical website designer sweating profusely while on the job, it’s not because your air conditioning isn’t working. It is because he is probably working too hard to achieve the desired outcomes. Designing the perfect medical or healthcare website is never going to be easy. They pose a challenge and everyone in the medical website development sphere understands that. There are certain rules to be followed and some guidelines that are set by the industry and also best practices that are to be heeded. You just can’t ignore any of it while creating a professional healthcare website or application. Today we are going to tell you how you can…

5 Common Hreflang Mistakes You Might Be Making 15Nov, 2018

5 Common Hreflang Mistakes You Might Be Making

Are you thinking about how to add hreflang tags in html? Are you wondering what will happen if you used them on your duplicate content? How do you fit hreflang in SEO? What would it do to your website ranking in the long run? Before you make a mistake while implementing this tag, understand the following: Hreflang Attribute The hreflang attribute is widely referred to as rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”. It tells the leading search engines (Google) which language you use on a specific page. Based on that the search engine serves relevant results to your users who are searching in that language. Before You Go About Randomly Implementing This Tag All Over Your Web Pages, Understand The Most Common Hreflang Mistakes…

Most Common UX Design Methods and Techniques 31Oct, 2018

Most Common UX Design Methods and Techniques

User experience (UX) is a key measure of how people respond to your website. This is an aspect which any UI/UX designer must take into account while designing a website. Their UX design strategy should primarily be focused on the following techniques and methods of developing a design which help create an optimal experience for users. Value Proposition It essentially outlines the main characteristics of the product, chalking out a proper picture of how the product functions. Your UX developer will know how it functions as a complete outline of the product’s nature and the important role it plays in enticing the end user. Concept Testing The UX/UI developer draws a rough idea of the product, which is then measured…

IT Asset Management Solutions 23Aug, 2018

IT Asset Management Solutions

RFID Market to Show Double Digit Growth Owing to Increasing Adoption of IoT Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication, which uses tags in order to track the details of the objects. RFID features to help in controlling the data loss and securing the data from unauthorised access will positively help in fuelling the growth of the market. Increasing adoption of IOT in the various verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, retailers and many others is one of the major factors driving growth of the market. Increasing adoption of advanced technologies such as sensor, smart devices, robots and many more in the various verticals has positively uplifting the adoption of IoT in the various verticals, which in turn…

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