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How to make your website password protected using .htaccess? 10Dec, 2010

How to make your website password protected using .htaccess?

How to make a website password protected in just 2 minutes? It’s simple. Here, we will be using .htaccess to authenticate our valuable stuff on the web. Thus to achieve the same follow the below mention 3 simple steps. This whole process, will require us to create two files (.htaccess and .htpasswd) and have to put them on FTP under the folder to which we would like to make password protected. .htaccess – Below is the code for .htaccess file AuthUserFile /home/domains/xyz.com/.htpasswd [path to .htpasswd file] AuthType Basic AuthName “Warning: This is a restricted area…” .htpasswd – In this file, we need to mention the username and password using which one can login to restricted area. Username:passwordPlease note: we must…

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How to include one HTML file inside another 12Feb, 2010

How to include one HTML file inside another

Including an HTML file inside another HTML file can be achieved using Apache’s SSI (Server Side Include). In this article, we’ll stick to the topic only and for further details on usage and scope of SSI you may refer to this article. Configuring your server to permit SSI To permit SSI on your server, you must have mod_include installed and enabled. Generally, this should be installed in Apache by default. Additionally, you must have the following directive either in your httpd.conf file, or in a .htaccess file: Options +Includes Not just any file is parsed for SSI directives. You have to tell Apache which files should be parsed. There are the following two ways to do this: You can tell…

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