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Selenium Webdriver 27Aug, 2015

Selenium Webdriver

WebDriver is a tool for automating testing web applications and can be used for automating the interactions with browsers. As a tester its very difficult to perform regression repetitively for same test cases on different browsers. Delimma of the developers is that sometimes it is very time consuming to perform unit testing again and again on same thing. WebDriver is a magical sticktool that can save our time. Just write the test cases and run them through WebDriver. It will automatically open specified browser for you and run the test cases. It performs all the actions that you can do with your keyboard and mouse. Here we are discussing about Selenium Webdriver. You need to install language-specific client drivers to…

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Sails JS 16Jan, 2015

Sails JS

Let’s start this new year with a small introduction about Sails JS. It is one of the most popular frameworks of Node JS which follows the MVC structure and is a Real-time Framework. It’s very much good for building real-time dashboards, chat or multi-player games, but you can use it for any web application project – top to bottom. Some of the key features of sails are: It is 100% Javascript. It can be used with any DB, as it is bundled with the powerful ORM called Waterline. It has easy WebSocket Support Sails provides basic security and role-based access control by default in the form of Policies. Flexible asset pipeline – When you’re ready to go into production, your…

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