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Subversion – Rules, Crash Course and Work Cycle 09Jun, 2010

Subversion – Rules, Crash Course and Work Cycle

RULES Rule #1: Check in only completed functioning code that you believe works. Bugs may be found later, but don’t check in anything that you know is incomplete or broken. Rule #2: Check in as often as possible without breaking rule #1. Rule #3: Always perform an update before a check-in. Rule #4: Reference the svn red book often. Rule #5: Do not mess around with the .svn directories in the check-out unless you’re an expert with subversion. CRASH COURSE: Subversion (svn) is a source code repository like microsoft sourcesafe, cvs, or borland starteam. The main repository we use is called simply ‘main’. Beneath main, everything is organized into projects. There is a project for the main website itself,…

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How to install, configure and use SVN (Subversion) 09Jun, 2010

How to install, configure and use SVN (Subversion)

To access your online repository ( from your Windows based operating system, you should install one of the SVN client applications. Here, we will be discussing about TortoiseSVN. To install TortoiseSVN client application on your system, you can find it at or rather at There you will find two types of installers – one for 32-bit operating systems and another one for 64-bit operating systems. To check how many bit operating system you have – click here. Once you have downloaded the right version of TortoiseSVN. Get it installed with the default selections with the installer on your system. If successfully installed, it will ask you to restart your system. Thus, get your system restarted and in the…

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