TFS 2010 Build Service 20Jan, 2011

We often get the following message after configuring the TFS 2010 Build Service.

The agent status has been automatically changed by the

TFS Server.

Reason: There was no endpoint listening at…http:///Build/v3.0/services/Controller that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action.

Cause: This is caused because of Team Foundation Server’s hostname is not resolved sometimes, or your machine cannot connect to TFS.

Follow the below simple steps

  1. Delete all agents defined from the machine by going to Team Foundation Server Console.
  2. Delete all Build Controllers from the machine.
  3. Unregister the Build Service.
  4. Restart the machine. This is required; TFS services Port 9191 will be reset.
  5. Register the service again, Add the TFS URL http://abc:port/tfs
  6. Select the Collection and connect to TFS
  7. Create the Build Controller; make sure to enter the IP address of the machine where you want to run the Build.
  8. Now click “Test Connection”. This will bring your Controller status to Ready.
  9. Create the Agent and associate with the same Controller created at point 8.

This resolves the problem.

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