Website Development Projects and Wireframing 22Aug, 2014

Do you know about wireframing? If no, then this post will prove to be an encyclopedia for the learners. To start with, wireframing is structural layout without fonts, logos and UI elements. Colorless and a basic black and white layout is usually substituted with grey boxes.

You cannot expect your clients to know about the term wireframing, but you can make them understand the importance of wireframing before the actual process of website designing. The settling of site components and showcasing of the page layouts before getting the website in action and running is time saving and cost effective. Below mentioned are few reasons that explain the importance of wireframing in the website development projects.

Constructing a Layout

Before creating a design a wireframe allows us and our client to construct a strong structure of the website. Once the brainstorming is done, the next task is to create mock ups which are highly beneficial for the clients as well as the team to understand the basic layout of the design. While creating wireframes we have the access to the settings where we can juggle with the headers navigation, sidebars, footers and sliders to define a layout that suits the client and represents their goals effectively. Be prepared for the changes, nothing stays fixed after all its’ the client call to stick to the wireframe or get some modifications in the final design.

Successful Navigation

After completing the building of the layouts, we can determine the flow of visitors to the site through these. The clients can understand the navigation process from one page to another quite easily which is quite essential for any successful website. We all know the importance of easy navigation on the website, so rather than implementing the exact thing on the final product, we must spend some quality time in creating rich wireframes that will protect our website from the dangers of poor navigation. In fact wireframes can allow the clients to have their focus on a sitemap in a visual format without getting disturbed with the entire design and the UI elements.

Know the Client

The best way to understand the requirement of the client lies in the initial stages, when you introduce him to the various wireframes and your ideas. You can gather a lot of important information from the client if you pay attention to their precious feedback. Its hard to bring out what the client demands exactly, but their response you can skip the first step of your process that is the stressful research on clients expectations. For example, If the client gives a thumbs up to the sidebars in your wireframes then don’t make a mistake of ignoring the same in the final design.

While dealing with the clients and discussing over the wireframes, you will get an idea about the time and effort required for the project and you can plan your actions accordingly. But that does not mean, you can become lazy or take your tasks easy, give your best in every project.

Make your life easier and happier with wireframes and deliver the best to the clients because wireframing is just wow.

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