What Are Some Obvious Reasons To Hire An SEO Savvy Web Developer ? 30May, 2018

Search Engine Optimization is nothing new. We all know what it is and how it functions to benefit our online presence but for the ones who haven’t an inkling of a clue what it does and is, let’s just put things in perspective. SEO, as it is popularly called, is a technique to help you rank your website higher in search results pages of the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. You are going to need a web development company that is SEO savvy for the following reasons:

Ranking High

When you are looking for a web development company or a reputed PHP web developer team, do you often consider hiring an SEO developer separately? Well, if you do, that means you already know that just developing a fully functional website and making it live is not going to cut it. This is not the end but just the beginning of the story. SEO comes into play when you are looking to enhance the visibility of your website so that it ranks higher when your audience searches for the products and/or services it provides. This is why when you are about to hire a programmer in India they should have good knowledge of SEO and its various best practices so that your site tops the results pages.

Designer Understands Your SEO Requirements Better

SEO plays a significant role in letting you gain presence online and it doesn’t matter what your business domain is or to which industry you belong. Your website development team knows what has gone into creating the site and it only makes sense to seek their assistance and expertise when you want your business website to be found online. This is because they understand the layout of the website and the design elements better than anyone else and also know where and how the user is going to land and then navigate to. Based on their behavior and attitude they can come up with SEO strategies that are going to complement the overall site plan well and get maximum conversions for you.

Taking Care Of The ROI

Another very strong reason you should hire a programmer in India with web development and SEO capabilities is return on your investment. As a smart business owner the only way to maximise your profits is to look for a website design company that can perform the necessary SEO functions as well. A professional web developer team who has trained experts in the SEO domain would understand what it takes to convert traffic. This in turn prevents you from spending first on a web development team and then on an SEO expert team and that best supports your business. A firm that is well experienced with SEO and has ample skill to develop a website proves beneficial for your ROI.

You Can Be More Competitive

A PHP web developer team who has adequate knowledge and experience in website SEO and designing can give you an edge over your competitors. The internet is a highly competitive space and a professional SEO savvy web development crew can deliver highly search engine optimized websites. Only then you can hope to get to a consistent conversion rate that lets you meet your sales goals. A well reputed SEO and web design company can come up with test-proof methods and they understand industry niche trends, and can perform thorough industry analysis as well.

To conclude let’s just say that these reasons can be on top of anyone’s mind. And even a layman who has had no knowledge of it or even a distant idea of how SEO drives traffic to your website can understand them. A reliable and skilled website developer team can get your website noticed. Period! You will easily get increased click-rate as the visibility of your website increases.

How To Make Your Website SEO Optimized

There Is No Substitute For A User-Friendly Website Design
Simplicity is the need of the hour. You don’t need complicated pages and difficult to maneuver menus and giant buttons that make scrolling nearly impossible. The greatest designs can attract visitors to your website by being simple and user-friendly. A good site structure translates into a great user experience. Your user as well as Googlebots should find your website appealing and it will increase your chances of ranking higher in the search engine results pages.

Is There A Thing Called SEO Friendly URL?

You want to rank higher, think of a simple and clean URL structure. Yes, in this time and age there is no alternative to having an SEO friendly URL structure. Use your URL structure to consolidate www and/or the non-www domain versions and avoid dynamic and/or relative URLs as much as possible. The best way to rank higher is to include your target keywords in the URL if you can.

Make Your Site Fast

“Page loading time,” as mundane as it sounds, is quite critical for the success of your website. It will determine whether the users coming to your site stay there or return without making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. According to a study 79% of online shoppers say that if the loading time is too long, they never visit the same site again. Take necessary measures to make your website load faster if you don’t want to lose valuable traffic and your potential customers.

Use A Clean Code

You should consider hiring a PHP programmer who can come up with a clean and simple code. A well organized and minimal code is important for an overall optimized website.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

According to studies over 67% users claim that they prefer to shop from mobile friendly websites and that motivates many players in the market to come up with mobile friendly designs and now even Google has made it their highest priority. You need to hire a programmer in India that can easily design an appealing and responsive website which can be easily scaled to fit devices of all sizes.

Out Goes The Flash!

Now is the time to quit using flash to create websites because most leading search engines and devices have discontinued support for flash due to its insecure nature. Therefore if you continue to apply flash in your website navigation and text it will negatively impact your overall ranking.

HTTP Status Codes

You need to have full knowledge of what kind of status codes your website is generating. This will especially come in handy if you decide to delete a page from your site. You will get to know what kind of redirect link directs your users to what page. You can login to your Google Search Console and find the page(s) with crawl errors that the Googlebot has found over a period time. Just fix these crawl errors so that your site can be indexed correctly.

Using Rich Snippets

A snippet is what Google shows as a result to the user and a rich snippet is something that is beyond a normal snippet. It consists of extra information between the URL and the description. Rich snippets become important from SEO point of view because they stand out easily from other snippets and the user instantly knows more just by looking at them. As the click-through rate of your snippet increases, you start getting more traffic and in the long run it will have a positive effect on your ranking.

Can Sitemaps Help You Out?

Yes, sitemaps help both the user and the search engine. They efficiently inform the leading search engine crawlers about the webpages in your site that are available for crawling. You can choose from tons of free sitemap generator tools online to create an XML sitemap for search engines, and an HTML sitemap for your users. The latter would allow your users to easily navigate your website and find the page they want. The list of things that make for a perfectly well optimized website is practically endless, although this fragment of information should be enough to get you started. Stay tuned for more.


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