What The New Year Brings In – SEO Of 2019 10Mar, 2019

Did you ever think that you would have to do so much just to get noticed among the people who you wish would make a purchase with you or visit your website for their needs? I know right! Welcome to digital marketing. Today search engines are taking the place of word of mouth, personal shopper and product or service reviewer and much more. They are becoming more intelligent than ever before and we are just following their lead. The thing is if you ask any leading online reputation management company in India or any firm that has its hands wet in the waters of online marketing, will tell you how Google has evolved over time. It is now answering more queries than ever directly on the results pages.

Your user is gradually making the switch to voice-activated search queries. As a marketer and/or a website operator you should be worried. This trend threatens to change everything and all your optimization strategies could be rendered useless. But do you have to bear the brunt of any of these pivotal changes? Following are the upcoming trends in SEO that we are going to witness and something you should be willing to adapt to if you want to survive the changing competitive scenario.

What Are Featured Snippets?

Have a careful look at the SEPRS (search engine result pages) today and you will see how your site ranks amidst the sea of “competition”. The whole picture of organic search engine results seems to have taken a new form altogether. We can see how AdWords ads command so much of space especially when it comes to commercial search queries. If you ever type a particular search query in the search box, you will see how shopping ads with pictures just pop up immediately. This is when you are able to see a block of four spots with short text ads placed in front of the organic results. Other places where relevant or related content is visible comprise:

  • Local Packs
  • Featured Snippets
  • Knowledge Graph
  • “People Also Ask” Boxes
  • Google Images
  • Google News
  • YouTube Video Pack

When it comes to the potential of Featured Snippets they will be even more important in 2019. When a user needs a simple answer to their question, they come in handy. They can see small excerpts and these typically come from relevant websites that Google understands as being more suitable for answering the particular question.

The Use Of Structured Data

Many brand promotion agencies in India understand how the evolution of SERPs has taken place. Google has started accessing more and more data off late and is even able to create its own meta-descriptions which are more meaningful. The use of structured data to create rich snippets has increased and because now marketers get limited available space due to a change in the advertisements arrangement, they need to create more eye-catching snippets. Rich snippets significantly increase your click through rate (CTR) by up to 30%. Google will still need structured data to create its own rich snippets and that is why it is needed from the marketers to mark up their content in the best possible way.

SEO Will Be Impacted Largely By User Experience

The term “search engine optimization” is actually all encompassing today. What are we doing here? Ask your online reputation management company in India if we are actually optimizing our websites for search engines or the user. Obviously the answer is going to be the latter because that search engine is eventually going to serve the user. This is the reason user experience is playing an increasingly important role here in SEO of the future. How so?

Should We Remind You Of The Website Loading Speed?

You know how Google lowers your name in the SERPs when your website doesn’t open up on time? This is why it is important to check the loading times of your website. Google offers a lot of tools to measure the performance of your site and ensure that you don’t let your users down in terms of web page load times and in turn be the reason for your website listing being pushed down in the SERPs. Remember, shorter site load times mean better user experience.

Build Flawless And Fluid Websites

Your site can rank well only when you have the latest technologies working for you. Your users are not going to use your site if you still make them run a Flash plugin for every video or every animation they click on. They have become more demanding and they will continue to be even more so in the coming year as well.

Complete And Robust Mobile Optimization:

In most cases half the battle is won when you deliver a site that is well optimized for smartphones. You know that more than half of all search queries are now being carried on smartphones or tablets. This makes it even more important for you to meet this user need.

The Matters Of Content

You need to understand that despite Google’s algorithms getting better and better with time, it will still need you to come up with relevant and fresh content on your websites. This is required because Google will consider it in the form of text to determine its relevance and suitability to that of the search query. Google with Rankbrain has improved the analysis of textual content enormously in recent years so that it can better understand content. This will continue in 2019 as the system will continue to learn on its own. Your goal thus remains the same and clearer and that is to offer the best and the most relevant content to your user.

Are You Focusing On Image Search?

It was the year 2017 when we saw Google significantly upgrade its image search. Users are increasingly searching for images these days and this trend will be carried forward into the next year as well. Your users don’t have to leave Google to view those images anymore. You can still stay ahead of the game by optimizing your visual material. In 2019, make sure that you use better pictures than your competitors.

Final Thoughts
These were just a few trends that we will see continuing and becoming larger than they are right now in the coming year. If you want to be able to grab more users and ensure that their attention is completely on you and nothing else, you will have to take measures to evolve with the evolving SEO practices and move on with the latest advancements in tow.


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