WinRunner 16Aug, 2010

It is a functional regression testing tool developed by mercury interactive corporation.

Invoke Application

1.)It is an initial concept to establish a logical link between application & testing tool.

2.)Identifies whether the application invokes easily or not.

CALCULATOR -> Windows simple Application to invoke or invoke_application

Invoking Calculator


1.) Open Winrunner.

2.) Select blank text.

3.) Press F2=>(start recording)

4.) Press F7=> invoke application “path”.

5.) Function Generator(pre-defined functions),We can also select functions out of given.

6.) Establish link between application & tool.

7.) Select invoke_application.

8.) Click args(arguments).

9.) Click browse(….).

10.) Click C:/Windows/System32/calc.

11.) Click open.

12.) Click paste.

13.) Click close(Closes Function Generator).

14.) Click Stop.

15.) Click Run from TOP.

16.) Click Ok

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