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tokr is a free health and wellness app for cannabis consumers, products and dispensaries. tökr provides solutions to the present consumer/business demands by introducing analytics, education and customization on a free, user-friendly platform. tökr’s interface helps navigate new and well-versed cannabis consumers through an extremely personalized search experience based on their medical and social preferences, with the highest quality products. From a business standpoint, tökr drives traffic and increases sales, helping licensed businesses utilize the data to better understand and market to their consumers.

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About tökr

tökr is a direct-to-consumer cannabis platform that helps consumers discover products personalized to their specific needs. Users can purchase items and have them delivered directly to their front door. tökr is also focused on providing forward-thinking lifestyle brands the ability to break through the clutter and strategically market to an engaged audience at scale.

We developed a web and mobile application based e-commerce marketplace. Our data-driven solution helps tökr foster connections between consumers and brands. It delivers consumers a cannabis experience that is customized to fit their lifestyle while providing brands with an efficient tool to market products, drive traffic, and increase sales.

Key Need And Challanges

Key Needs And Challenges

  • No organised and structured online Marketplace for Cannabis Listing and commerce
  • Finding Right Technology Partner with Experience in Cannabis and SAAS ecommerce Industry
  • Scalable Software Development
  • Single team to work on both Web and mobile Applications
  • Fast Go-To-Market solution
  • Reasonable Cost of Development

Why tökr chose Zapbuild

With nearly two decades of experience in developing mobile apps and web-based platforms, with over 200 technical team members and industry experts, and with fast and successful go-to-market software development methodologies, we certainly had an edge over our competitors. tökr chose us because we provided them all of the following software services under one roof:

  • Business Analysis
  • User-interface & User-experience Design
  • Web & Mobile App Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Server Administration
  • Support & Maintenance

Having Zapbuild as a fundamental development arm allowed us to grow our business in a fiscally responsible and strategic way. With their support, we’ve had the extra runway to navigate a changing cannabis industry while we grow. Zapbuild is not just a hired development house - they’re like our partners. They continuously question our proposed solutions and are eager to find more ideal, forward-thinking alternatives at every phase of the project.

Brian Campbell (Founder of Tokr)

How We Turned their Idea into Reality

To transform their idea into reality, Zapbuild designed and developed a customized online marketplace platform. Initially, the client envisioned a consumer discovery platform that used personalization and recommendations to help educate consumers on cannabis products. Over time, we expanded the solution into a full e-commerce platform as well.


Customer iOS & Android apps

To discover nearby dispensaries and products even when they’re traveling

Customer E-commerce Website

To discover dispensaries and order Cannabis products online

Admin Web Panel

To manage all aspects of the platform and run their business smoothly

Customer App & Website

How it works for the customers



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Boost Customer Engagement and Retention

Challenge: Any online marketplace platform needs repeat customers to boost sales and to improve market share. tökr understood this and needed functionality that would keep bringing their customers back for more.

Solution: Zapbuild's business analysis team brainstormed with the client and formulated the measures that would give their customers a very personalized experience. The platform learns from the customers' preferences and purchases over time and matches them with brands that they might like and recommends the products that they might love to try. This has significantly increased tökr's customer retention rate, reduced the cart-abandonment rate by 27%, improved their upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and boosted their profits margins by 2X.

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About Us

Real-time Dispensary Discovery & Recommendations

Challenge: Customers should be able to discover dispensaries nearby, who sell products matching their needs, even when they travel to other cities. Without having to manually search through the platform every time, the customer should be automatically notified when they are near a place selling what they need.

Solution: Our mobile app experts built GPS and mobile network based tracking into the mobile apps to check user's geo-location and identify dispensaries near them. A map-view built within the apps shows the user's all the places nearby which sell products matching their preferences. This has improved the in-shop sales, by out-of-city travelers, of the brands associated with tökr by up to 32%.

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Online Sale and Delivery of Cannabis & CBD

Challenge: Building a profitable online business isn't easy - especially in the cannabis industry because of a multitude of compliance regulations. This was especially a challenge with mobile apps because iTunes store and Google Play store strictly regulate apps that sell pharmaceutical drugs or controlled substances.

Solution: Our team worked with the changing technology needs such as the introduction of new iOS and Android devices to support changing user-interface guidelines and regulations from Apple and Google, understanding the web and mobile app store standards and legal issues for supporting cannabis e-commerce. This has enabled tökr to sell and ship CBD products through the web platform across the USA.

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Serving The Growing Customer Base On-time

Challenge: With an ever-increasing customer base and the simultaneous influx of brands and dispensaries associating with tökr, the MVP application needed critical upgrades.

Solution: The application architecture that we had designed in the minimal-viable-product phase was robust enough, we just had to improve the technology stack and the cloud-server configuration. We enhanced the user-interface, improved the location services, optimized the apps for speed, and added a content delivery network and additional instances to the cloud-server cluster. This virtually eliminated the app crashes, reduced the bounce rate of customers, and increased their stay time and the number of page visits.

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Expanding Reach and Building Significant Trust

Challenge: To grow quickly and capture the market before the competition, it was extremely important for tökr to boost trust among their customers and vendors alike.

Solution: We added multiple features including a rating and reviews system, product and vendor favorites, and analytics & reports. It allowed customers to judge the vendors and the quality of products based on community reviews. And also gave the vendors precise insights on their customers to help them continuously build brand awareness.

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With the help of this comprehensive marketplace platform, tökr was able to scale its business efficiently and take an edge over their competition with a faster go-to-market time with a robust product. It has been a continuous process of improvement and the Zapbuild team has been using the continuous-integration/continuous-delivery strategies to develop and deploy the improvements faster and more efficiently. Owing to this, tökr has benefited from:

  • Increased number of customers and orders
  • Increased repeat customer rate
  • Improved vendor satisfaction rate
  • Streamlined operations and on-time deliveries
  • Real-time analytics and better data-driven decisions
  • Improved upsell and cross-sell funnels
  • Increase profits margins

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