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E-Commerce has become huge and it is not just about using the internet for buying and selling goods and services anymore. These business transactions don't just happen on a business-to-consumer (B2C) basis anymore, but also business-to-business (B2B), consumer-to-consumer (C2C), consumer-to-business (C2B) basis as well. The growth in e-commerce has led to the advent of m-commerce which primarily involves commerce using mobile apps, and many businesses are adopting a mobile first approach.Online marketplace is something that came into being as a result of more and more businesses wanting to take their stores online. With more consumers preferring to discover and buy online, the expansion and worldwide acceptance of online commerce has given rise to multi-vendor online marketplaces as well as aggregator business models. The organized e-commerce marketplace sector has become huge - according to an independent study, it is estimated to exceed the $7 trillion mark by 2024 and Zapbuild can help you be a part of this growth. Do you want to build an online multi-vendor marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, AliBaba, or launch an e-commerce aggregator platform? Talk to our business analysts and technical experts to get industry insights on how you can turn your idea into a profitable solution.

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Next Generation Domain Specific On-Demand App Development With Zapbuild

On-demand delivery business is one of the fastest growing segments of the commerce industry. This is primarily because customers seek specific goods home delivered without the hassle of going to supermarkets or local stores. Your ability to virtually take your store where your customers are is going to influence the future success of your delivery business significantly. What kind of delivery business are you running?

  • Food Delivery

  • Grocery Delivery

  • Medicine or Pharmacy Delivery

  • Alcohol Delivery

  • Milk Delivery

  • Fruits & Vegetables Delivery

  • Restaurant Delivery

  • P2P Delivery

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Gas Delivery

  • Flower Delivery

  • Courier Delivery

  • Fashion & Jewelry Delivery

If you want to grow your retail, wholesale, or delivery business, you should get e-commerce web & mobile apps that enable your customers to place orders online, help you make deliveries more efficiently, and essentially help grow your profits. Start using our readymade apps that are built specifically for businesses like yours and find out why it is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. With your own branding and minimal setup, you can launch your business online in no time.

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Zapbuild Offers The Following Features In Its E-commerce Marketplace Solutions

Seamless Integration

You can integrate this eCommerce marketplace software with your existing website seamlessly and fast. You can manage all your retail operations, e-commerce sales and follow up, content management and order fulfillment without any hiccups.

Multiple Channels Combined

The e-commerce, m-commerce and online marketplace software solutions you get with Zapbuild help you unify all your channels. This means more platforms for your sales and advertising function.

Easy To Use And Understand Shopping Cart

The shopping cart that you get with Zapbuild is going to satisfy all your customers’ needs. The payment methods will be absolutely secure, the checkout options will be flexible and the account information will be encrypted for fast and easy processing.

Product Management Tool

Handling and managing an online marketplace/app/website it is going to be simpler with Zapbuild. You get easy import and export tools to manage all the product related information at one place.

Customer Relations Management

You also get a highly responsive and personalized customer relationship management system embedded into the software. You will be able to use the customers’ account information to upsell, cross-sell, re-advertise your products to them and resolve customer issues within practically no time.

Stock / Warehouse Controlling System

This is going to make order processing easier and faster. You will get real time information to simplify packaging and delivery. You can control the stock levels in your warehouse and keep a regular check on your inventory at all times.

System Reporting Capabilities

Any e-commerce software / mobile app is incomplete without a reliable system reporting tool. You will be able to keep a track of the performance of various processes in your organization such as sales, marketing, stock, purchasing, customer service, and your financials.

Easy Payment Gateway

Your users are going to get practically every payment option available. They can either choose from cash on delivery or online transfer or credit or debit card or e-wallets or any other mode of payment you want to include. This will be integrated seamlessly with your company’s payment gateway for fast monetization.

Centralized Database

Zapbuild understands the importance of centralized access to the product database. Therefore, all the customer data, accounting and transaction details, payment status, shipping and order history, browsing history, product listings and other pertinent data is available at a fully centralized location in your eCommerce marketplace software.

Expandable With Enough Room To Grow

In the coming future you will need a platform that can support hundreds of SKUs and also send out thousands of triggered emails at once. You will need to save over tens of thousands of customer names and their details, especially if you plan to grow and expand in the future. Your demands will be met with a flexible and expandable eCommerce marketplace software that you get with Zapbuild.

There is so much more when it comes to elaborating upon the features of a robust and attractive eCommerce web and mobile apps based software such as advanced promotion & marketing capabilities, ease of navigation, product filtering features, incorporating digital modes of payment, sales order management and much more! To find out how to get the best suited features for your eCommerce idea, get in touch with Zapbuild today!

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Technical Expertise In E-Commerce, M-Commerce & Marketplace Solutions

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Which is a fast, powerful and easy to learn, high-level, general-purpose programming language.


Is a high-level web framework from Python made for rapid development and clean & practical design.


Which is based on JavaScript and is a flexible yet declarative & efficient library used to compose complex UIs.


Which is a general-purpose programming language, the code of which can be executed with a command line interface (CLI) and is highly suitable for standalone graphical applications as well

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Open-Source CMS

If you haven’t invested in the right content management system, you won’t be able to manage your operations and data efficiently. With a customizable and efficient content management system from Zapbuild you can perform important functions such as publishing and editing content including articles and web content along with images and videos and also manage their size and visibility and delete content that has become irrelevant and obsolete. You may choose either an Open-source or proprietary CMS.


With which you get enterprise level power, unlimited scalability and flexibility for the best B2C and B2B experience.


Going to make it easy for you to build and manage your web/ online store, edit HTML and CSS as and when you feel necessary and do much more.


With which you get an extendable and very much adaptable, open-source platform easily spanning all your logistical & technical requirements.


Offers you the right platform to perform all your online store management functions and is based on PHP.


Can be your trusted partner as well if you are looking for a reliable and customizable SaaS e-commerce platform.


Is again a freemium, open source e-commerce solution and is currently available in 60 different languages.


Which is written in PHP is also a free and open-source content management framework.


Makes CRM, website/e-commerce management, billing, accounting, warehouse handling and project and inventory management fast and seamless.

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Mobile App Development

Native iOS and Android

You get highly scalable and flexible apps, developed dedicatedly to work on iOS and Android platforms.

React Native

Is an open-source mobile application development framework by Facebook highly suitable for Android, iOS, Web and UWP. Rapid development of apps that work nearly as smoothly as native apps.

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