How would you categorize your ecommerce website design? Is it good enough to attract more and more users every day? Is your ecommerce solutions provider doing their best to come up with a robust design and layout that is going to put your business on the map? You already know that your website is one of the most essential aspects of your business. You can’t afford to cut corners here or make any kinds of compromises that will jeopardize your reputation or business. An unresponsive website with a poor user-interface will result in negative responses from your audience and a stagnant business, whereas if you work a little harder to find the right web design agency your job will become a whole lot easier. But then how would you determine that the ecommerce web development services provider you have hired or are about to hire is the best for you?

Simple, you enquire about the following aspects in the meetings you hold with the development company:

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Time Period Estimate Based on Experience

You don’t want any delays in your project whatsoever - although, there’s always something that would be an obstacle in its timely completion. Choose an ecommerce agency that has planned for it and can monitor the project throughout its timeline to keep the development on track. Moreover, bank on their experience to guide you in developing an ecommerce website such that it quickly builds the customer base and drives sales.

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What About SEO, Content Strategy And Information Architecture?

Big words, I know, but most ecommerce solutions provider firms who are strictly into web design and nothing else will choose not to include these factors in their work. What would you do in such a situation? You may need to hire another company that provides SEO services and have them work closely with the web development company. A better approach would be to hire an ecommerce web development company that also specializes in SEO and other forms of digital marketing, as they would understand the architecture of the website and be able to build the content strategy in a more efficient manner.

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Responsive Framework

Do you know that Google now uses mobile friendliness of the site as a ranking factor? Even your users want to visit a website that is easy to buy from and works well across all platforms and devices. You need to make sure that your choice of website development company builds your site on a highly responsive framework.

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CMS And Content Editing

There are practically countless platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, and plenty others that can be used to publish, edit and manage content on your website. The team that you hire should understand what framework will be most suitable for your website. You should know which platform their expertise lies in and ensure that it is easy for you to edit the content yourself without their assistance.

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Design And CMS Work Together

Your designer should ideally recommend a dynamic HTML website that makes it easier for you to edit design and the content according to it. If the content you are keeping on your site is current and relevant, should the web design be any less current? If you are living in the past decade, it is time to look into the future and take steps to keep up with the latest technology. If you don’t move fast enough to adopt the modern design trends of today, you are going to lose your visitors in no time. Customers will readily trust you if your website looks and feels modern. Hire a design company that can understand and very well incorporate parallax scrolling and flat designs, responsiveness, and tons of unique styles and design elements in your webpages. Ecommerce Web Development

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Web Design And Conversion

You should hire ecommerce developer professionals that are capable of more than just coding and designing to make something look nice. A robust web design and layout is one that converts. This means that expert you are going to hire knows the proper layout, navigation, webpage content and calls to action of the project like the back of their hand. They should know how to conduct A/B tests and use analytics tools to estimate whether your website will convert or not.

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The All Inclusive Cost

Whether you're bootstrapping or have deep pockets to splurge, you must budget the design and development costs of your website. If you can't think of any ways to absorb any hidden costs or fees, you want to hire a company that offers project or milestone based pricing. And remember, user-interface designing is very distinct from the development aspect of a project. So make sure to get the total cost of the project before you sign any agreement.

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Knowledge Of The Most Popular Website Development Platforms


Magento is one of the leading ecommerce platforms that are built on open source technology. This should be able to provide marketers and online merchants with a highly customized and flexible shopping cart system that offers a seamless and fluid shopping experience to the user. It has powerful marketing tools and lets the user perform catalog-management functions and also has easily understandable search engine optimization features.


Shopify is considered as one of the very rare and complete ecommerce solutions. This allows the marketer and business heads to set up an online store in a snap. You can easily organize your products according to size, colour, utility and many other categories. It also gives you the ability to customize your storefront, choose different payment methods, and also track and respond to orders instantly.


Wix is one of the most highly used and easiest website builders today in the market. This is a platform that offers a lot of different ways to build a website. Wix has an Artificial Design Intelligence feature built into it and the very powerful Wix Editor and Wix Code let the user create just about any kind of website.


WooCommerce is ideal for you if you want to sell your products and services online. It is a platform specifically designed to make these things easier and affordable for you. It lets you sell digital and physical products. You can also manage your inventory and shipping processes and also handle your payments, and automatically sort out your taxes. WooCommerce lets you keep 100% control over all your data.


Bigcommerce presents a very simple solution to starting an online store. This platform lets you build the ultimate shopping experience for your users with a revolutionary design platform. It lets you create online shopping stores with the best and the most responsive ecommerce templates. It lets you drive more traffic to your website and convert more visitors. You can also sell on multiple channels from a single location.


Drupal is another very popular web content management system that is being used by global enterprises, governments of many countries and also higher education institutions, and NGOs. It provides a very flexible and highly scalable platform to publish and share content in multiple languages across a plethora of devices.

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More Than One Industry And CountingEcommerce Web Development

It would be great if your choice of team has worked with more than one industry. You don’t want to end up with a standardized and cookie-cutter website that lacks innovation. Your website has to be distinguishable from the crowd. It is always a wiser decision to pick an ecommerce solutions provider that has worked with players from various industries. This ensures that your website stands above the competition and not among them.

What Is Longevity?

The general rule of thumb that really works here is that never entrust the critical job of developing a business website to a newbie. Don’t trust some inexperienced entrant that is trying to sell off their services at dirt cheap prices and with slogans that stress on “instant” web designs. Pick a name that has been in the industry long enough to command trust and has a strong goodwill. A true and legit web designer firm is one that has been around for a while and plans to be around for years to come.

Game Of Ideas

As an expert of your industry you will naturally have some ideas of your own that you want the ecommerce website design company to listen to. No one knows your business like you do and that puts you in a special position to come up with more relevant ideas. Likewise the company you are about to hire will have their very own ideas as well. You don't want a yes-man kind of professional that goes with your every “yes” and “no.” You need to hire someone who commands and demands creative freedom so that your ideas can be put to action in the right manner. Remember, you might be an expert in your domain but when we talk about putting the plan into action and getting results in the form of a fully functional website, you will have to hand over the reins to the developer team.