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Bits and tricks is a website that enhances our knowledge databank. Where this world is so gigantic, the creation of this site has made a platform where knowledge can be shared and spread universally. This site is made with the aim to serve IT professionals, MIS directors, CEOs, CFOs, hardware technicians, web marketers and people belonging to this fraternity to have an example application, lesson, or article and posting that will simplify the learning process of various information technologies. Information technology has changed the thinking that there is only one genius, as knowledge is to spread and make all genius. All the new exploration in IT are categorized here which are fetch into outline while working, or that had been identified through some other source, which helps to inferior the dread and uncertainty in work. On bits n tricks, we can add our new experiences, innovations, new concepts, creations, discoveries, and further enhance our awareness by learning. The modernization and changes on the site are recurrent and looming, thus a frequent eye is a must. So, get connected to share and gain on this remarkable site.

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