About Project

Buysellteach is an online educational community hub that provides teaching documents, materials, classroom resources for teachers. BuySellTeach is a comprehensive platform that provides endless opportunities for both the students and teachers. It is an online store for the educational community to BUY, SELL, and TEACH the highest quality educational resources. The initiative is taken to enhance the student outcomes by providing them with high-quality teaching material. This is the enriched community of professors and educationists that upload lessons and courses of diverse subjects to make it the most enriched medium for students seeking a guiding source. The website allows the teachers to create profiles and submit lessons on any topic under the specific subject category. Students can make the most these notes to fill the void created by lack of resources.

Project Details

Technologies:  CakePHP, MySQL

Verticals:  E-learning, Marketplace

Tags:  LMS, E-learning

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