Spark Cart

About Project

Sparkcart combines the best of user-voted publishing style with the best of online shopping. Sparkcart will wow user over with the best bargains user can find online. Sparkcart is a community site where content is run solely by the shoppers themselves. Users will post the best deals they find on the net and the rest of the Sparkcart community will vote whether or not it's a great bargain. If the user is looking for the best deals all user have to do is click on the category user want and all the best bargains will be there waiting for the user, deemed worthy by shoppers and bargain hunters just like the user. If users are looking for the best deals around, look no further. This site is the place to go.

Project Details

Technologies:  CakePHP, MySQL

Verticals:  E-commerce, Coupons, Group buying

Tags:  Coupons, Voucher, Deals, Community

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