Daily Deals & Group Buying

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How can you use Daily Deals and Group Buying?

Group buying and the daily deal website trends are here to stay. This scenario has transformed the way people shop and do business, and ultimately, it has created a win-win environment for the consumer and the business owners.

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How can people paying less money for a product or service, be a good thing for the company selling it?

It draws eyes and wallets to the business for future purchases. As a company gets its name out there, it needs some incentive for building customer loyalty and strong word of mouth. When new companies offer discounts and coupons to the consumer, their main objective is to put themselves in the market and let the people know about companies’ brand and services. Once the user base is generated, it is then the company’s way of handling its client's and build the loyalty.

The variety of coupon sites and group buying also allows one to benefit in every aspect of his life, from groceries and dining to electronics and other consumer items.

We Offer

We Offer

We at Zapbuild make sites that specialize in bringing the best deals on the web to their customers and where customers are able to use the power of technology to create value for their visitors.

If you want to get involved in any capacity - whether as a customer, business owner, or site manager - the time to do it is now. We have greatly served our skills in this area and have given their projects a successful path to start with “Hand-picked Solutions”.

“Group Buying” and “Daily Deals” are the terms that are known to online shopping savvy clients and they relate it with giant social networks like Facebook. The daily deal idea is not too old and as soon as it came into existence, it boomed the online market. Businesses have made a huge user base and websites offering these deals have generated huge profits. Hence, it is a win-win situation for both.

These days some daily deal websites are also providing an option (with certain terms and conditions) to avail the services with expired coupons, to give that extra benefit to its users and making them feel more satisfied with the purchase they made.

We make websites that empower customers and website owners to make the best of their daily deals. It also gives you a unique Voting feature to let customers suggest and promote deals they would like to see featured on the website. The most popular deal will then be turned into reality and featured on the website for the customers to buy. We put the power of group buying back where it belongs, right in the hands of customers, as it offers the deals that you desire for.