Fleet Management System

Future-ready Online Learning Management Solutions (LMS)

Take complete control of your fleet, improve your day-to-day operations, and track your trucks and drivers in real-time with our fully-customizable fleet management software solution. With our advanced system, fleet managers can simplify processes and better manage fleet maintenance.

Our highly-customized fleet management software ensures that operations run smoothly. You can leverage modern IoT-based GPS tracking devices to gather valuable insights. We are committed to transforming the logistics and transportation industries by utilizing cutting-edge digital trends, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Future-ready Online Learning Management Solutions (LMS)

Real-time Vehicle tracking and monitoring

Monitor your fleet's movements in real-time and utilize smart sensors to track their location, routes, and idle times. Our fleet management solution provide you with advanced tools to improve your operations' efficiency and security. With our expertise, you can optimize your fleet's performance and maximize your profits.

Fuel management

Our solution provides detailed reports that enable you to monitor fuel consumption, track expenses, and ensure that fuel usage aligns with your business goals. With advanced features such as alerts for low fuel levels, fuel consumption trends, and geofencing, our system ensures that you are always aware of your fleets' fuel usage.

Asset management

With our comprehensive fleet management solution, you can easily track and manage all aspects of your fleet assets, from vehicle inventory to driver assignments, asset status history, and maintenance schedules. Get real-time data on the location, condition, and performance of your assets, allowing you to make informed decisions to optimize fleet operations and reduce costs.

Dispatching and scheduling

Maximize your ROI, save thousands on dispatch, and simplify your truck scheduling with our powerful automated dispatch management system. Streamline your processes and empower dispatchers and fleet managers to better organize and optimize delivery schedules and routes. You can reduce idle time and increase the number of stops per route, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

Safety and Compliance

Ensure compliance with safety regulations while promoting fleet driver safety and a safe environment with well-operating fleet assets. With the help of features like smart alarms and timely alerts, fleet managers can quickly respond to any potential safety hazards and mitigate risks before they escalate.

Driver management

Start effectively managing your drivers, monitoring their driving behavior, managing driver schedules, and handling driver assignments. Our solution also helps to maintain a record of driver performance and conduct training programs to improve their skills and promote safe driving practices.

Route planning and optimization

Our solution caters to the demands of various routing scenarios, allowing fleet operations to operate with agility and efficiency. Embrace our innovative route planning solution that optimizes routes, lowers fuel consumption, boosts productivity, and cuts costs, saying goodbye to inefficient manual routing.

Reporting and analytics

Make the most of your fleet report data and analytics to identify operational issues, pinpoint inefficiencies, and boost performance. By utilizing automated tracking reports, you can minimize downtime and operational expenses while gaining valuable insights to optimize your fleet's performance.

Maintenance scheduling and management

You can schedule maintenance tasks based on usage, mileage, or time intervals, and receive reminders and alerts when the maintenance is due. You can also keep track of maintenance history, generate reports, and manage work orders to streamline the maintenance process. This helps you proactively maintain your vehicles and equipment, reduce downtime, and prevent costly breakdowns.

Zapbuild Services

With a learning and training management system custom developed by Zapbuild, you can arrange new hire orientations, manage process and product knowledge training, job-specific skill training, training for sales and customer support, educating channel partners and vendors, compliance training, and more. Zapbuild, LMS development company, provides custom-developed systems to a wide variety of industries:


Freight forwarders


last mile delivery providers

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