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Healthcare is evolving at a very fast pace and as more and more healthcare organizations are adopting information technology, the whole cycle of healthcare management is getting metamorphosed. In this transforming landscape, the healthcare industry is fast driving towards being signalized by untangled operating environments with easy-to-access real-time information. This influences the transparency, all strands of accounting & financial reporting, helps the healthcare organizations improve efficiency, and the operations of protective or essential medical techniques to enhance an individual’s welfare. The healthcare industry requires supplemental rectifications, the upgraded value of information, services & technology with ease of access. Since organizing day-to-day medical statistics & data necessitates a huge deal of trials and resources. The future is concentrating on automated custom healthcare software solutions which provide reliable access to hospital information and add worth in the transformation of the current health ecosystem.

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This technology interchange has encouraged the field of "health informatics," which narrates the convergence of health care, information technology, and business. With the consumerization of healthcare -- patients, providers and peers are using the healthcare technology to their benefit which helps the patients to connect to their service providers easily and that helps in driving a better consumer experience.

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Zapbuild provides a wide range of bespoke software solutions for the healthcare industry and acts as a digital consultant for health institutions to accomplish digital transformation initiatives to seamlessly deliver secure, business-centric, user-friendly services.

Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Electronic Health Record (EHR) Personal Health Record (PHR)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability

HL7 & Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Compliant Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

TeleHealth, TeleMedicine & IoT Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

Home Health Care Management Solutions

Home Health & Care Management Solutions

Clinical Decision Support System

Clinical Decision Support System

HIS & Practice Management Solutions

HIS & Practice Management Solutions

Laboratory and Pharmacy Systems Integration

Laboratory and Pharmacy Systems Integration

Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Solutions

From back office system to doctor's office, medical billing and claims processing, workflow management and reporting, hospital or clinic management systems, data driven web and/or mobile (iOS and Android) applications, fitness devices and 3rd party integrations -- we provide a complete range of software/product engineering ecosystem.

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