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Electronic health records software is able to automate all your clinical operations and also digitize and store patient charts and critical information. You are able to track patient demographics, medications, manage test results, collect patient records, disseminate critical information and devise treatment plants, pick immunization dates and carry out diagnoses and do much more with a reliable EHR System development. Did you know that the global electronic health records market was US$23,592 million in 2016? It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% till the year 2023. Electronic health records can easily streamline and automate healthcare workflows and simplify patient treatment. They also ensure data safety and security, provide assistance with critical medical decisions, and give access to evidence-based tools for easy health management.

An electronic health records management system does all of the functions that an electronic medical record software performs but it goes a few steps beyond that. They are specifically designed to collect and compile all the information regarding an individual’s overall health as well as that of the healthcare organization along with critical hospital records. It is not just about the medical aspects but the overall health of the patient and the vast array of technologies and practices pertinent to a healthcare organization. You must have heard about TherapyNotes, Sevocity, Care360, Practice Fusion, Cerner EMR, Optum Physician EMR, EpicCare, Office Ally EHR 24/7, InteGreat EHR, Kareo Clinical, iSalus EHR, Ocuco and many more. But are you also aware that the features offered by these tools are going to drain your budget for the entire year? Yes, be prepared to shell out huge amounts of cash when you choose any one of these platforms. But Zapbuild is not going to make you strain your purse strings. You get all the features of these platforms compatible to all devices: iPhone, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad, Mac

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Move Ahead With Advanced EHR Features

Interface Which Is Simple, Intuitive And Attractive

Zapbuild is known to create the simplest and appealing interfaces that your users will find easy to use and understand. There will be a minimal number of taps and clicks with multiple window options and fast navigation.

Easy Task Management Modules

This feature will automate the task & appointment scheduling with e-signature and advanced digital authentication. You can speed up reviewing lab results, approving medications, answering patient questions and scheduling treatments, etc. from a single dashboard of Web based Electronic health record applications.

Detailed And Meaningful Reporting

We understand big data and related analytics. Therefore, you get real time access to all the health and clinical data along with financial statistics as well. You will be able to make the right decision for your practice and create useful reports for related departments.

Easy Medical Billing Software

A good EHR medical software lets you transfer funds across different modes of payments very easily. You can also put critical health information from charts and statistics on to your bills. The payment module will encompass various payment modes that will be seamlessly integrated into the final software.

Intuitive Patient Workflow

You can maximize your productivity by understanding how your patients move through their treatment and your practice. Patient workflow will help you eliminate all kinds of bottlenecks that you usually encounter while treating and prescribing medications to them. These workflows can even be shared across patients, doctors, physicians and lab assistants with the help of the software from absolutely anywhere.

Charting And Statistics Depiction

You can say goodbye to all the stress associated with creating charts and reports. Easy documentation modules will help you create analytics, draw comparative studies, perform all kinds of medical analysis and record critical numbers, graphs and vital signs with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence enabled EHR programs.

Managing All Your E-Prescriptions

Reliable EHR software company, Zapbuild will help you create a database of medications and treatments for easy and fast e-prescriptions. You will also receive automatic and immediate notifications of any potential drug allergies and interactions with your patients. The prescription window will also enable two-way communication among patients, doctors, lab assistants, pharmacies and physicians and simplify grievance redressal.

Seamless Lab Integration

You will need a reliable and robust EHR software developer that enables fast and easy lab integration. You will be able to monitor delivery, degree of certainty when it comes to certain diseases and infections, take samples of results and create treatments and prescriptions, get access to explanatory information and critical research and lab tests to formulate the most appropriate treatments for your patients. Similarly, it will also help them to get instant access to their lab tests from absolutely anywhere.

Useful Patient Health Record Portal

This is going to prevent a lot of the patient's time from getting wasted by allowing them to perform the following without any delay:

  • Manage recent doctor visits
  • Create discharge summaries
  • Understand medications
  • Go for their immunization appointments
  • Manage allergies
  • Access lab results
  • Download important forms
  • Discover important educational materials
  • Request a prescription refill form
  • Schedule and reschedule appointments
  • Manage payments

Efficient Cloud Hosting

If you want an on-premises software with cloud hosting platforms, we have got you covered there. You get the most advanced technologies, phenomenal computing power and virtualization capabilities with a cloud based EHR software. With our encryption methodologies and high speed connectivity, we make sure that your EHR Design is constantly updated and maintained with easier and faster access to information across the world.

Maintaining a proper and fully functional EHR website, app or software is going to be simple with Zapbuild. Need more help with it? Get in touch with Zapbuild right now! Call at…. or write to us at…and we will get back to you.

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